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Dreaming Of You

It's time to confess..
And I mean serious business here, no jokes. So, you still have time to close this tab.

I lost my grandmother in 2009, to a bloody heart attack (that sneaky heart muscle). Being very close to her, it was hard on me. And her death, being the very first death I ever experienced, was... well...  I am still in shock, that she is not with us anymore. She was a friend, a sweet, caring and lovable grandmother, anyone could ever ask for. More than anything, she was an awesome human being. It's hard to talk about her sometimes. It's difficult to discuss or even write about it. But here I am writing, because I want to get it out of me.

It's been more than three years...  We have moved on, I have moved on... busy in our lives... Thinking about her, on every sad/happy moments. Talking about her (which is the hardest of all!). Imagining her reactions/actions to certain things, comparing it to ours. Always wishing she was still here. Always thinking "She died…

Sonas (Happiness)

"Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness." -  AndrĂ© Gide
There are some experiences, that you only get to experience once in your lifetime.. Like for instance, my sister's wedding. You only get to enjoy it once. So one needs to make the most of it. But, we are often blinded by responsibilities and engrossed in making things perfect, that we forget to enjoy it.
It's all sorts of good, fun, stress (lots of it), leading to sleepless nights, lots of running around, getting last minute things done, making sure everyone's comfortable. It's not easy y'all!
It's tough and How! From catching hold of the florist, to finalizing the Mehndi walla, collecting various pieces of clothing items, packing all the gifts (Which, by the way, I had no hand in!), pleasing all the guests. Kudos to all the wedding planners out there, it's a tough job! Kudos to my sister, for taking it all on herself. It's a job well done...
Sending out wedding invitations, p…

PhotoLog: Random

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Note : Very very random pictures from home sweet home. Enjoy!

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Love & Peace

PhotoLog: Diwali Update

After the many dislikes for a festival, it's time to tell the good side. I do like Diwali. I love this festival, of all! Not only does this festival come under the best month of the year, but also is the most awaited festival of the year. I think, this is one festival, that is celebrated not only all over India, but also all over the world (wherever Indians live, that is!). What's not to like about this festival ? Heehee.. you'll think I am bipolar. I'll tell you what to really like about this festival :)

Endless Sweets, Diyas (candles), the mere Spirit of festival, Decorating the house, the entire country is lit up with lights and flowers, end of evil, being happy just for a day (even if you don't want to), dressing up, and for a silly person like me ? Capturing it all! (I do that every year..). I am a boring person, hence I enjoy a beautiful Diwali and not burst fire-crackers. Not that I can do anything about people bursting them, but I like to tell myself, that a…

Are You A Bad-Ass Dreamer Too ?

I totally kicked a monkey's ass in my dream last night, How Bad-Ass am I ? 

<rant> When a plan is made, my mind immediately gets down to business and I basically start mentally planning-listing-checking things. Some may think that's a little crazy, but that's what makes me, Me! Which also gets me to the point, that when people decide to meet at a "certain time", they usually mean "certain time plus thirty minutes". It doesn't work like that with me. Five, may be ten minutes is allowed, but thirty minutes ? You have got to be kidding me. </rant>

Coming back to the issue in hand, about being a bad-ass dreamer. Really, don't you think kicking a monkey's ass, was pretty cool and impressive ? I remember the bits and pieces of my dream -- I was at a house party.. the monkey was so not invited.. he tries to attack a very good friend... and next thing we know, I ("Super-Woman") come to the rescue and start fighting the Big Monkey…

PhotoLog: 7 Wonders of the World - Taj Mahal


PHOTOLog : Black & White edition

Sometimes it's important to see things differently.. 

All day today I thought it was Sunday.. Pfft, silly me! So anyways, I had so much fun doing this little project. And, it's safe to say, 'Black and White' is my new Red. Like I never thought, black and white was my thing. But, after this project I'll be focusing on B&W more now. I really hope you guys enjoy, as much as I did. It really has started to become an addiction. *winks* Also, in case you wanna check out some of the other Photologs