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25 Questions

Rapid Fire Questions

 Q1.  How many languages do you speak ?
         - Three and a half... hindi, english, punjabi and a little bit of gujarati. 

 Q2.  Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out ?          - Tucked in.

 Q3.  Do you cut out coupons and then never use it ?          - Yes..

 Q4.  Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees ?          - Umm, that's a tough one, i'll go with the bear.

 Q5.  Do you always smile for your pictures ?          - I try!

 Q6.  Do you ever dance if there is no music playing ?          - All the time...

 Q7.  Where would you bury a treasure if you had one ?          - I'll tell you, but then i'll have to kill you!

 Q8.  What is your favorite food ?          - Italian (mmm... pasta!!!)

 Q9.  Ever gotten a speeding ticket ?          - NOPE :D :D

 Q10.  Ran out of gas for your vehicle ?            - O yes!

 Q11.  Do you sleep with your closet door open or closed ?
           - CLOSED!!!!!

 Q12.  Sing in the car ?            - Yeppppp!


A Part Of Me

I apologize for being MIA from blogging. This past week was really busy (not that you care :D) But anyways, here I am to blog. Absolutely no idea how I will be going about this post and what I really wanna write today, but i will write and see where it goes.

   So the other day, I was just briefly checking facebook (please note : I am not a "facebook" addict, unlike lots I know ;), I may however be regular on twitter. Anyways, so as I was on facebook, briefly checking birthdays and such. I had a friend from school, who updated that she had started to paint again. Well, I have been thinking of the same for a few weeks myself. But with assignments and work, all loaded up my back, I wasn't sure how to really start again. But none the less, I have promised to keep up with my self, and my collection of few sketches and paintings that I have done in the past. Which also reminded me to look into my old collection, it really brings back lots of memories. Sadly, I still haven&…

Second Opinion Is Always Good

So a hospital's ER means Emergency Room right ?! And not "We'll-only-give-you-the-xray-and-not-tell-you-how-serious-this-is" ? Right .. RIGHT ?

   Well, Max Hospital, sorry to say but you are doing it all wrong. Don't give us shit, when it comes to someone's health and life. Aholes!

   My last post showed what happened and how my brother has a broken collar bone. Guess what ? It is uglier than it sounds. Even after having a complete examination at a good hospital's emergency room, we had our doubts. So we immediately booked him another appointment with our "family" doctor. (Also note, in emergency a hospital, doesn't let you ask questions.) Anyways, so we ended up going to the doctor we like and wanted answer to our questions. 

   Following is how the X-ray *really* reads and how things will be for my brother- 

He is on "complete" bed rest for SIX WEEKS, he cannot even shower (only a little sponge bath is allowed).  WOW!! Poor thing…


I am back, wasn't sure i was gonna blog for a few days. But the events of this day, made me want to "write it out". So, it was a typical Monday Tuesday, didn't want to wake up or do anything today and had some errands to run and few things to finalize.

   Showered, dressed for the day, headphones packed, podcasts downloaded and sync'd and i was ready to spend a long day with my mom and sister. We were on our third station (metro), when my brother sent me a text :-

   Well, how would you react ? At first I thought he was kidding, but then i called him immediately. He was kind of lost and didn't know what really happened. All i could make out was "Fracture.. shoulder dislocation.. dad is coming.. at hospital... cleavage bone (that kind of freaked me out!)". My silly silly brother, as much as we fight and hate each other, we love each other even more.  We all got down and went to the hospital instead. When we got there, my little brother (he is not th…

To Good Times


Don't feel like it ? Or I am not funny ?

Well, if this "House" can smile, so can you !!! So let's try one more time, SMILE!!!! I am so funny! :D

   So, today has been full of "happy friendship day" lying-mixed-sweat-mixed-dirty-sock messages. Don't get me wrong, i am not saying you guys shouldn't do that, it's just that i don't like to celebrate this day. (who the hell celebrates this day, anyways ? International Beer Day ? SURE ? Friendship Day ? NO THANK YOU!) Hey!!! I did say "to you too", to those who wished me today. So i am not all bad! :)

   I have some *great* friends IRL, some great ones i haven't even met, but friends none the less. Some i'll meet in the future. And, on this day.. i'd like to remember some good times, and not waste time texting everyone. I let my friends know, what they mean to me, every day. And not pick "one" day to send messages. Well, this is how i spent my day, rememberi…

Write Like No One is Reading

So this is my first (Not really..) blog post, or you could say my first post on my second blog :)

   I don't know if you agree or not! But I personally find writing easier, when I *know* no one is reading. So i am gonna be writing here, like no one's reading!! I will be writing lots of random things (also posting pictures/videos/links), because i will not be "characterizing" this blog. I will try and not let "omg, people-are-judging-me" thoughts get to me, so feel free to judge (please don't!). Bear with me, i am not a pro writer. Please leave comments, with whatever/however you feel about my blog or posts, for that matter. 

   That being said, i really don't have much to say tonight.. So i'll let the following pictures entertain you, while i get my beauty sleep (good chances that i'll be up late reading!). So get your coffee, because you *MUST* have coffee when reading this blog, and enjoy my boringlame hilarious posts :)

Love & Peace Sh…