A Part Of Me

   I apologize for being MIA from blogging. This past week was really busy (not that you care :D) But anyways, here I am to blog. Absolutely no idea how I will be going about this post and what I really wanna write today, but i will write and see where it goes.

   So the other day, I was just briefly checking facebook (please note : I am not a "facebook" addict, unlike lots I know ;), I may however be regular on twitter. Anyways, so as I was on facebook, briefly checking birthdays and such. I had a friend from school, who updated that she had started to paint again. Well, I have been thinking of the same for a few weeks myself. But with assignments and work, all loaded up my back, I wasn't sure how to really start again. But none the less, I have promised to keep up with my self, and my collection of few sketches and paintings that I have done in the past. Which also reminded me to look into my old collection, it really brings back lots of memories. Sadly, I still haven't gotten the time to look into things and get some pictures. But I managed to find some in my photo album collection, that I am sharing below.

A man in desert on his camel ...

The lonely tree ...

Bat is bad ...

   All this got me thinking, it's funny how things you do, reflects who you are. There is a difference between judging someone and portraying their work. While I appreciate people, even taking time to do either of them. It's unfair to judge someone. However, that's how "I" think, you may think otherwise. But all said and done, I appreciate art and creativity, in all forms. I always give my honest opinions (sometimes sugar-coated, because you just like to see people smile), and I expect the same. I have a long way go, to grow as a person and in my work. And I plan on working on it. I know I am not good, but am not bad either. I like to focus on that fact :) Time is the excuse for now, yes I admit that! But I am honestly trying to work on that and soon I'll have better updates. Updates with some good context and subject :)

   Also recently, I have found my "love" for photography, too. Usually, my subject doesn't co-operate with me (haha), but i try.. I am having fun learning about my camera and various editing software applications. Again, I have a long way to go. But I am loving the journey. I also love the internet, because I have interacted with so many beautiful people and talented ones. It's inspiring! If I've interacted with you, know that you inspired me in "some" way or the other.

PS: For my fellow "iphone users", do anyone of you use lens for your iphones, like this one ? If yes, then pros and cons ? It's hard to carry camera and things with you everywhere. And sometimes, you just find something fun to shoot :) Also, sorry for the filler blog post :)

Love & Peace


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