Second Opinion Is Always Good

   So a hospital's ER means Emergency Room right ?! And not "We'll-only-give-you-the-xray-and-not-tell-you-how-serious-this-is" ? Right .. RIGHT ?

   Well, Max Hospital, sorry to say but you are doing it all wrong. Don't give us shit, when it comes to someone's health and life. Aholes!

   My last post showed what happened and how my brother has a broken collar bone. Guess what ? It is uglier than it sounds. Even after having a complete examination at a good hospital's emergency room, we had our doubts. So we immediately booked him another appointment with our "family" doctor. (Also note, in emergency a hospital, doesn't let you ask questions.) Anyways, so we ended up going to the doctor we like and wanted answer to our questions. 

   Following is how the X-ray *really* reads and how things will be for my brother- 

  • He is on "complete" bed rest for SIX WEEKS, he cannot even shower (only a little sponge bath is allowed).  WOW!! Poor thing. 
  • His entire collar bone is broken, and that too in the wrong direction. 
  • SIX - Eight weeks is the time it'll take for the bone to come back to it's place (but not the right place!). It'll take months, even years, for the bone to be in it's right place. But doctor said he'll be normal and as good as he was physically, in ten - twelve weeks time. 
  • He said that the doctor in hospital was "stupid", he didn't tie the shoulder belt as tight as he should have. The shoulder belt is used as a "plaster" for broken bones. Which shouldn't be taken off AT ALL!
  • Now, his shoulder belt is tied up *really* tight. (Which is why he is in pain today!)
  • He needs to take really good care, in keeping his shoulders as straight as possible.
  • Our doctor is awesome. For sake of educating us on my brother's condition, he told us there is another option available in such situations. (Which we are not opting for, for obvious reasons!!) There is an option for surgery, where they plate and bring together the two pieces and mend the broken bone. He also suggested, we go the basic and helpful way!

The above (yellowish) Xray's arrows shows- the broken bone (two opposite directions!!)
The below Xray (greenish) shows- the direction in which the bone will come down and join it's other piece..

   So Max hospital, SCREW YOU!!!! And thank you, for teaching me, to NEVER come to you, even in case of an emergency.

Updates :

  • He is in extreme pain today, but strong and letting us take care of him. 
  • Me and my sister got him pizza today, all for himself and made chicken soup. 
  • This is the only time, I appreciate blackberry and BBM, at least they are giving him company in this time. 
  • He watches movies on my laptop, in two breaks. 
  • He cannot sit for long and asks to be laid down on the bed. 
  • We have SO many family/friends coming in to see him and give their personal advices. It is tiring, but i know soon they'll stop coming. 
  • He is tired already, and it's only third day of SIX weeks.
  • He did not sleep at all last night, but after his doctor's appointment today, he took a nap during the day.
  • His right hand has a little swelling. He keeps moving his fingers, to keep the blood flow.
  • His body hurts in all those places, where he hit the ground. 
  • He is having Rajma chawal and I am giving him company. We are watching Salman Khan's "READY" on tv. 
  • His birthday is in Thirteen days and his friends were suggesting him to give party in Blu-O (bowling place) this year. Hehe! 
  • He needs help to get up. 
  • His left hand is working, but he can't put strain on it. So we help him however we can.

   Every time i think of his pain, it makes me uncomfortable and i *almost feel* it. It's not the best time for us, but we are all here for him and supporting him.

   Thank you to all the well wishes from family/friends/teachers! He appreciates it all. Thank you for all the love/get-well-soon wishes coming in from Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp. I appreciate it! Keep them coming! :)

We are fine, strong and loving your wishes!

One of Dad's cousin was wrongly communicated about my brother. He was told, my brother was beaten up by his friends. HAHA!!! (We laughed for a while!). He got a 'Shoulder Push' playing 'Football' and ... anyways, 'beaten up by friends' sounds like a funnier dramatic story no ? ;D

Love & Peace


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