To Good Times


Don't feel like it ? Or I am not funny ?

Well, if this "House" can smile, so can you !!! So let's try one more time, SMILE!!!! I am so funny! :D

   So, today has been full of "happy friendship day" lying-mixed-sweat-mixed-dirty-sock messages. Don't get me wrong, i am not saying you guys shouldn't do that, it's just that i don't like to celebrate this day. (who the hell celebrates this day, anyways ? International Beer Day ? SURE ? Friendship Day ? NO THANK YOU!) Hey!!! I did say "to you too", to those who wished me today. So i am not all bad! :)

   I have some *great* friends IRL, some great ones i haven't even met, but friends none the less. Some i'll meet in the future. And, on this day.. i'd like to remember some good times, and not waste time texting everyone. I let my friends know, what they mean to me, every day. And not pick "one" day to send messages. Well, this is how i spent my day, remembering the good times. I went through my several school/college times albums, laughed and was shocked to see myself.. haha. 

Ending the day, with a late night reading session. And leaving you with a picture (Flashback), it made me smile, brought back tons of memories.. It's a picture from my birthday, i was cutting a cake in the back of the car with ten other friends. Cheers to happy days! 

Love & Peace


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