Write Like No One is Reading

   So this is my first (Not really..) blog post, or you could say my first post on my second blog :)

   I don't know if you agree or not! But I personally find writing easier, when I *know* no one is reading. So i am gonna be writing here, like no one's reading!! I will be writing lots of random things (also posting pictures/videos/links), because i will not be "characterizing" this blog. I will try and not let "omg, people-are-judging-me" thoughts get to me, so feel free to judge (please don't!). Bear with me, i am not a pro writer. Please leave comments, with whatever/however you feel about my blog or posts, for that matter. 

   That being said, i really don't have much to say tonight.. So i'll let the following pictures entertain you, while i get my beauty sleep (good chances that i'll be up late reading!). So get your coffee, because you *MUST* have coffee when reading this blog, and enjoy my boring lame hilarious posts :)

Love & Peace


  1. Very good start. I'm proud of you. Just be yourself and let everyone else see who you are and what you care about.

  2. cool blog.. all the very best .. cheers

  3. Thank you for the kind words! :)


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