I am back, wasn't sure i was gonna blog for a few days. But the events of this day, made me want to "write it out". So, it was a typical Monday Tuesday, didn't want to wake up or do anything today and had some errands to run and few things to finalize.

   Showered, dressed for the day, headphones packed, podcasts downloaded and sync'd and i was ready to spend a long day with my mom and sister. We were on our third station (metro), when my brother sent me a text :-

   Well, how would you react ? At first I thought he was kidding, but then i called him immediately. He was kind of lost and didn't know what really happened. All i could make out was "Fracture.. shoulder dislocation.. dad is coming.. at hospital... cleavage bone (that kind of freaked me out!)". My silly silly brother, as much as we fight and hate each other, we love each other even more. 
We all got down and went to the hospital instead. When we got there, my little brother (he is not that little, he'll hate this word when he finds out ;) was on a wheel chair coming out with Dad from the X-ray room. That was an over-whelming sight, if you ask me. So very sad... :'( Then he was moved into the emergency room, (the same room, where my grandmother was brought a few years ago) and since he was given pain killer shots, we were laughing and joking. My big sister was cracking jokes and smiling and being all goofy... lol. Which was kind of good, for all of us.

   Doctors took some good time in X-ray, and fixing him with the shoulder belt and a comfortable cotton sling. Meanwhile, we had coffee in the cafeteria. After an hour or so, he was ready to leave. So, mom asked him if he was hungry, he said "Nah, i am ok". And, then made me buy two chocolate donuts, one sugar donut, all for himself ;) I didn't mind in the least, because i love him and would have bought ten more, if he wanted. Soon we were home, and guess what ? He gets to have my comfortable bed for next six weeks *sigh*. haha.. Again, i don't mind in the least. 

The X-Rayyyy!!!

   The pain started kicking in. And then, he finally told us what really happened... He was playing football, and fell after crashing into a friend. He twisted and fell flat on his right side, head, neck, shoulder, knee.. all bruised. (Thank God, he didn't break his neck.. the way he says he fell, was kind of scary!). At first, he thought he broke something in his head, but after a few minutes *immense* pain shot through his shoulder/chest/collar bone. Glad that the hospital was only a minute away from where he was. Anyways, he ended up with a Semi dislocated shoulder, a broken (literally broken) collar bone, a few bruises on the shoulder, head and knee. Recovery time estimated is 6-8 weeks, but we all know it'll take more time. I really want him to get better, i know it'll be some uncomfortable few weeks for him. But i also know, he is strong and sensible enough to take good care of himself. We are there for him always :)

Get Well Soon My Little (Big) Brother! :D
We love You!

Love & Peace


  1. Yeah, pretty scary! He is doing better now. But it'll take a lot of time and physiotherapy for the bone to be in it's right place!!


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