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PhotoLog: 7 Wonders of the World - Taj Mahal


PHOTOLog : Black & White edition

Sometimes it's important to see things differently.. 

All day today I thought it was Sunday.. Pfft, silly me! So anyways, I had so much fun doing this little project. And, it's safe to say, 'Black and White' is my new Red. Like I never thought, black and white was my thing. But, after this project I'll be focusing on B&W more now. I really hope you guys enjoy, as much as I did. It really has started to become an addiction. *winks* Also, in case you wanna check out some of the other Photologs

I Just Take Pictures

(Note : Friends, fellow bloggers, and kind strangers... For some personal reason Mrs. K had to go private on her blog, as well as, her other social networking platforms. So here is the post, I had guest posted at hers. Hope she comes back soon! And till then, enjoy the post :) 

   "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." –Imogen Cunningham
   Squeeeee.. Mrs. Kori M invited me to write a Guest Post for her, and “I Am excited” will be an understatement. My mission is to entertain y'all, and try to not make a fool of myself. Which I will, I have faith in my fool-ness, umm yeah .. never mind. Internet is so awesome, I met Mrs. K on twitter and now we are friends. I have some best friends on Internet, and I wish they lived closer. (My friends in real life, don't hate me, I love you all too :) She is hilarious, beautiful, charming, has a beautiful family, cutest son and a talented Lady!
   Before we move on and talk about something, I wan…

PhotoLog: Spiritual Hiking to Vaishno Devi

My week in pictures ... technically just two days. Warning : LOTS of pictures of mountains and such. Pictures from my two day spiritual trip to Vaishno Devi Mandir, near Jammu, India. You have to walk those 14 km (one way) to really feel the spirituality. It was an amazing day. tired legs. monkeys. black face monkeys. clouds. and just awesomeness. 
For more of my holiday photos, you can visit my Flickr page.