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(Note : Friends, fellow bloggers, and kind strangers... For some personal reason Mrs. K had to go private on her blog, as well as, her other social networking platforms. So here is the post, I had guest posted at hers. Hope she comes back soon! And till then, enjoy the post :) 

   "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." –Imogen Cunningham

   Squeeeee.. Mrs. Kori M invited me to write a Guest Post for her, and “I Am excited” will be an understatement. My mission is to entertain y'all, and try to not make a fool of myself. Which I will, I have faith in my fool-ness, umm yeah .. never mind.
Internet is so awesome, I met Mrs. K on twitter and now we are friends. I have some best friends on Internet, and I wish they lived closer. (My friends in real life, don't hate me, I love you all too :) She is hilarious, beautiful, charming, has a beautiful family, cutest son and a talented Lady!

   Before we move on and talk about something, I want y'all to motivate and help Mrs. K to start her own podcast. She wants to, she even tried, but got nervous. :)

   So, We both have one thing in common, and that is our love for 'Photography'. While I am still an amateur photographer, still learning and loving it. Mrs. K here, is so good at it. I got the chance to see, some of her beautiful shots. I love the fact, that we capture images and not just click them. She is so good at capturing images. We must get to see more of her work (hint hint :D)
There is no beginning or end to photography, my inspiration is beauty. Photography helps me see beauty in everything. You know that feeling when you hold a camera and, then go crazy ? Yeah that! It's like happiness.. pure Bliss! 
The best lesson I have learned, is that being “Original” is the key to everything and anything you do!! We both talked and found out, that we both enjoy photography and have endless pictures on our computers. Like most of my drive is full of pictures. Some good, some average, some really really bad and embarrassing. But that's how we learn, right ?

   If you are an iphone/ipod user or maybe not, you must have heard of the application “Instagram” ? No ? Okay, so it's basically an application that helps you use certain filters to edit your pictures (and make it look a lot better than the real picture ;D), and post it for your friends and others to see. And I really hope they come up with a website or an app for other devices too. It's pretty cool! So considering the fact that, I am a lunatic photographer (excuse my language!!), I thought of sharing some shots with y'all (edited using Instagram) -

(Note: You can click to enlarge the image)
Vintage watch.. a gift from grandmother!


Yes I am 10, and went on that ride "3 times"!!


"I hate cameras.  They are so much more sure than I am about everything."  ~John Steinbeck

   So if any one of you share our love and craziness for photographs, comment and share your links/suggestions/words, so we can all share and enjoy! Have a fantabulous day! And send Mrs. K and I some love. :)

Love & Peace


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