PHOTOLog : Black & White edition

Sometimes it's important to see things differently.. 

All day today I thought it was Sunday.. Pfft, silly me! So anyways, I had so much fun doing this little project. And, it's safe to say, 'Black and White' is my new Red. Like I never thought, black and white was my thing. But, after this project I'll be focusing on B&W more now. I really hope you guys enjoy, as much as I did. It really has started to become an addiction. *winks*
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Rain drops

Wind chime

Qutub Minar

Near Chhatarpur Mandir, N. Delhi


(Note: You can click to enlarge the image)

Alright, I'll take a quick moment to thank y'all, who take out time to check out this blog. I am a happy bunny. No, really.. I am! *grins* I jump when I see the number of views on every post, every day. Sometimes, I have people visiting even without me forcing promoting links, which is so cool. I hope it continues and I hope I continue! You know I appreciate love and comments criticism right ? I don't mind if they are on Facebook/G+/Twitter/Email, as long as they keep coming :)  So cheers, have a gorgeous week ahead! 

Also, you can visit my Flickr page, for some more photos. Look forward to the feedback.

Love & Peace


  1. 8, 9, 10 (lil composition probelem, otherwise perfect), 12 clicks are awesum :)

    P.S. 12th click of yours seem MINIATURE shot to me at the first strike...later noticed a man in the side :D
    good work + good writing..!!!!

  2. @Rohit Singh Tolia | Photography

    Thanks Rohit, these were some old/new pictures I was working on with Black & White concept. Thanks a lot for the feedback.


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