PhotoLog: Spiritual Hiking to Vaishno Devi

My week in pictures ... technically just two days. Warning : LOTS of pictures of mountains and such. Pictures from my two day spiritual trip to Vaishno Devi Mandir, near Jammu, India. You have to walk those 14 km (one way) to really feel the spirituality. It was an amazing day. tired legs. monkeys. black face monkeys. clouds. and just awesomeness. 

For more of my holiday photos, you can visit my Flickr page.

Our drive to Katra, to start our fun day!

Our view from the Hotel Room at 1pm.. (Soon on those mountains :D)

Our mission ahead!!!

On the mountains!!!

View from up the mountains, we had only climbed "four freaking kilometers" .. Phew!!!! (Hot Mess)

Finally HALF WAY!!!!

Same View after "almost 8km"

Spot the Monkey!!! (We met the army of monkeys playing)

Uh-oh, what's with the clouds ? At 9km.
So. Tired. Are. We. There. Yet ?
And the dramatic weather change!!!
I see it! I see it! We are there!!! O wait, that's another 2km *sigh*
ONE KILOMETER !!! "The Shrine" (No pictures after this of the shrine, sadly camera not allowed inside)
And we lost the view of "The Shrine"

Sooo.. it took us about five and a half hours to reach up the mountain!

Got a little cold up there and on our way back! 

I love this picture of the Mountain Top!!!
Jealous yet?
AHA, out of the clouds.. beautiful sun shining!!! 

It took us Three and a half hours to climb down the mountain. Proud of ourselves!!! :D
Sun setting!!! 7:01pm (Altitude - 5000 above the sea level!)

View from our hotel room, the next day! Phew, we chose the right day :)

On our way back home!!! Happy and sad!

Any one curious ? 

So basically, the trip was fun. The company couldn't have been better. The get- away was much needed. Loved every moment. Missed some people. But all in all it was a fantastic little trip to Jammu!

Love & Peace


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