Are You A Bad-Ass Dreamer Too ?

I totally kicked a monkey's ass in my dream last night, How Bad-Ass am I ? 

<rant> When a plan is made, my mind immediately gets down to business and I basically start mentally planning-listing-checking things. Some may think that's a little crazy, but that's what makes me, Me! Which also gets me to the point, that when people decide to meet at a "certain time", they usually mean "certain time plus thirty minutes". It doesn't work like that with me. Five, may be ten minutes is allowed, but thirty minutes ? You have got to be kidding me. </rant>

Coming back to the issue in hand, about being a bad-ass dreamer. Really, don't you think kicking a monkey's ass, was pretty cool and impressive ? I remember the bits and pieces of my dream -- I was at a house party.. the monkey was so not invited.. he tries to attack a very good friend... and next thing we know, I ("Super-Woman") come to the rescue and start fighting the Big Monkey.. (Of course, I won).
Damn, I have hilarious dreams, at times.

Please tell me, I am not the only person who has the most hilarious-random-annoying dreams, ever ?
I blame the work going on in the house, that's been giving me the damn headache. It refuses to finish, giving me random dreams. It's both funny and annoying!! At least, it's no nightmare. Pheww!

Oh and hey, Hello October, wonder what took you so long. As much as I would like for the end of October to come already, try and go slow Ok ?

Love & Peace


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