PhotoLog: Diwali Update

After the many dislikes for a festival, it's time to tell the good side. I do like Diwali. I love this festival, of all! Not only does this festival come under the best month of the year, but also is the most awaited festival of the year. I think, this is one festival, that is celebrated not only all over India, but also all over the world (wherever Indians live, that is!). What's not to like about this festival ? Heehee.. you'll think I am bipolar. I'll tell you what to really like about this festival :)

Endless Sweets, Diyas (candles), the mere Spirit of festival, Decorating the house, the entire country is lit up with lights and flowers, end of evil, being happy just for a day (even if you don't want to), dressing up, and for a silly person like me ? Capturing it all! (I do that every year..). I am a boring person, hence I enjoy a beautiful Diwali and not burst fire-crackers. Not that I can do anything about people bursting them, but I like to tell myself, that at least I am doing my part. Some may think I am a coward, but I know my reasons. It's not just about the noise (it is!!!!), it's about smoke too. :)

Anyways, to keep up the mojo of this wonderful day... here's wishing everyone, a very Happy Diwali! Let's all end the evil in ourselves and live a happy life!

The whole city was glowing!!

House is lit up too!!

Decorating the house...


Lighting Diyas..
Diwali Pooja

Total of 101 Diyas were lit!

Diwali in full-swing... do you see smoke ?

Hope everyone else's Diwali was as good as mine! :)

PS: Following is a (failed) iphone video of a glimpse of how it is in my city, on Diwali. The noise continues until 1:23am (fact)!

PPS: The scream and "WOW" were not by me! :D

PPPS: Sorry for the crappy video, I'll make better ones next time.

Love & Peace


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