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Sonas (Happiness)

"Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness." -  AndrĂ© Gide
There are some experiences, that you only get to experience once in your lifetime.. Like for instance, my sister's wedding. You only get to enjoy it once. So one needs to make the most of it. But, we are often blinded by responsibilities and engrossed in making things perfect, that we forget to enjoy it.
It's all sorts of good, fun, stress (lots of it), leading to sleepless nights, lots of running around, getting last minute things done, making sure everyone's comfortable. It's not easy y'all!
It's tough and How! From catching hold of the florist, to finalizing the Mehndi walla, collecting various pieces of clothing items, packing all the gifts (Which, by the way, I had no hand in!), pleasing all the guests. Kudos to all the wedding planners out there, it's a tough job! Kudos to my sister, for taking it all on herself. It's a job well done...
Sending out wedding invitations, p…

PhotoLog: Random

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