Sonas (Happiness)

"Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness." - 
André Gide

There are some experiences, that you only get to experience once in your lifetime.. Like for instance, my sister's wedding. You only get to enjoy it once. So one needs to make the most of it. But, we are often blinded by responsibilities and engrossed in making things perfect, that we forget to enjoy it.

It's all sorts of good, fun, stress (lots of it), leading to sleepless nights, lots of running around, getting last minute things done, making sure everyone's comfortable. It's not easy y'all!

It's tough and How! From catching hold of the florist, to finalizing the Mehndi walla, collecting various pieces of clothing items, packing all the gifts (Which, by the way, I had no hand in!), pleasing all the guests. Kudos to all the wedding planners out there, it's a tough job! Kudos to my sister, for taking it all on herself. It's a job well done...

Sending out wedding invitations, personally, was one of the most stressful job. All this, while making sure you don't start to show stress on your face. (Is that even possible ? I guess not!). In all this busy/stressful time, you forget to cherish your time with your sister. It doesn't hit then, but one day it really does and that's the day, you will have nothing, but tears.

The endless driving around, shopping spree, endless fighting/arguing, laughing (me feeling jealous of sharing her attention, with the love of her life..), everything and more, will be missed. I am not even going to touch the topic of how it's going to be without her, having her close always and now, 6464 miles away! So I am gonna pack that little bag of emotions and toss it on the far corner of my heart. And let's leave it at that. I know, eventually, we will all fall back into our routines and get used to the physical-emotional distance, that time and miles will put between us. But it won't be forgotten!!

... After feeling all those crazy emotions, the day finally arrived (in a hurry, if I say so myself!). That day I woke up and my first reaction was, "HOLY SHIT IT'S HERE!!!!" Yep that's right.

...And the day was over in a blink of an eye...

And that very night, I wasn't sleeping next to my lovely sister, but a snoring relative. :D
How things change in one night, married and her life changes. Speechless to comment on the post feelings, no word to express the emotions, no options but to feel this way.. it's hard.. we are trying!!

Sharing some of the best memories with you. They were precious, they may have ended fast, but they will never be forgotten...

Let the Celebrations begin..

Happy Brothers, and Proud parents. :D


A new family member!! 

Love & Peace


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