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Dreaming Of You

It's time to confess..
And I mean serious business here, no jokes. So, you still have time to close this tab.

I lost my grandmother in 2009, to a bloody heart attack (that sneaky heart muscle). Being very close to her, it was hard on me. And her death, being the very first death I ever experienced, was... well...  I am still in shock, that she is not with us anymore. She was a friend, a sweet, caring and lovable grandmother, anyone could ever ask for. More than anything, she was an awesome human being. It's hard to talk about her sometimes. It's difficult to discuss or even write about it. But here I am writing, because I want to get it out of me.

It's been more than three years...  We have moved on, I have moved on... busy in our lives... Thinking about her, on every sad/happy moments. Talking about her (which is the hardest of all!). Imagining her reactions/actions to certain things, comparing it to ours. Always wishing she was still here. Always thinking "She died…