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Photo Log: Happy Diwali!!!


Baking Rant

Okay so, I have noticed, that whenever I am baking for myself or my family... I always ace. And whatever I am baking, comes out the way it should and looks almost professional. (That's also, when i grab the camera and click my creations.) But the minute, I plan to be super nice, and bake for someone else (or I am told/asked to bake), that's when all "baking" hell breaks loose. Please tell me this happens with everyone and not just me ? Pretty please ? Cookies have never looked bad, the cake goes flat, the cupcakes are all crumbly and don't even get me started on the frosting. Because nothing works, when I am baking for someone else. Which also concludes and hints, that this might not be the profession for me, or I don't think I can open a cake shop, unless I am cooking just for myself. (Just kidding.. I am not "that" bad) I promise my recipes are correct, and my method was right too, and I do make delicious cake... this was just not my day. Maybe th…

PhotoLog: More Randomness

Today I realized, it's been a while since I did a Photo Log. And also realized how low the blog view has been this year. So just to spice things a little, and mostly trying to get myself back in the game. I decided to dig deep and find some photos I can work with on Lightroom and bring together a decent (if not bad) post. What do y'all think? Does it pass in being the worst (Best, if you insist) come back? :) 
No one really leaves comments here, but they all make sure I know how they feel through other mediums, which is totally cool. As long as you let me know and keep me motivated. If not in my professional life, there has been a break through in my personal life. Recently, I discovered how awesome biscuit/cookie making is. I have been a fan of baking since forever, but never attempted biscuits. I thought it was a lot of work. But all there is to cookies/biscuits, is that there are a lot of ingredients and less baking time. They are awesome. I attempted Oat cookies, and Meltin…