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I am not a photographer, I do what I do, out of pure curiosity, interest and passion. Let's not insult the other photographers, by calling me one! But I am no less either, just need to learn the craft a little more. What I share through this medium or any for that matter is because photography is a big part of my life. It's one of my stress busters. I am not a professional, but I still watermark and copy right my pictures here, because I would like to get credit for something that is mine, and stop others from misusing them. You know what I mean right? But that doesn't stop me from loving every part of it. I love when I do good, when I get complimented for what I do. And I also love when I absolutely fail at something. Because that gives me a chance to learn it the right way. Not that I apply this phenomenon to all the things in my life, but let's not get off-tracked here. I may have been caught up in life and lost the humorous side of me. But, I am back!!

So, I just wanted to take a few moments to share what I feel about being called a photographer. Until I say so myself, I am just another girl, photographing for pure fun and entertainment and loving every bit of it. Would love to be called a photographer one day, but that's not today. I have a lot in me I have yet to explore. Till then, I'll do what I do. Love it and share my love with everyone. Hope you enjoy this rant and my post.

I had some fun time clicking and editing the following pictures, of a friend. It was a casual set up, spontaneous shots, natural poses, some candid moments, camera friendly subject, and some great end results. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed editing them. My ultimate purpose is to never crop an image, I try to get the best possible in the frame, then post-processing is my most favorite. Using Adobe lightroom 3 (sometimes, Adobe Photoshop CS5), has been a great experience. It is user friendly, with great presets available and the best feature of all is the Adjustment brush. I didn't know, until I used them, how you can turn around a disastrous image to a not-so-bad image. So, therefore, the credit really is shared by the camera (Demon, if you know me), myself, and Lightroom.

PS: Just a keen observation, I was going through my stats for this blog, I know I know I go through it a lot. But this time I went through it's views for all this time. And, what I saw there? Was a complete surprise. It went downhill. Yep, that's right. It went straight down into water. Not that it should bother me, but I did the same thing when I started it, and I haven't really changed. So I am only assuming, people don't click on important links anymore. But never mind, I am not complaining or ranting here (I do that enough to myself, when I am alone), so I'll save you the trouble. And who am I to complain anyways, when I don't find time to catch up to so many blogs I have bookmarked. But seriously, the graph went like so low, I am almost afraid what I did to put off viewers. I feel like I do more on my blog now, than I did before. I actually do read my blog as a viewer and try to criticize myself. (You all do that right? Right?). Sorry, I talk to myself  a lot these days, keeps me sane.

Anyways, here are the photos of my friend that I took. Hope you enjoy, and leave your comments on how I could have done better.

Love & Peace


  1. I think your photos are excellent. And, for what it's worth, there are quite a few "Professional" photographers out there who IMHO dont deserve the right to call themselves that. I think you are just as much of a photographer as anyone else. And you obviously have talent in that regard.

    I come from the other side of photos, I was raised with PhotoShop later mentality. So, I'd take 100 pictures, find the one that worked best, then edit it until it was right.

    I would love to learn how to frame a subject, pick the right light and perfect exposure, etc to capture a moment so I don't have to edit a single thing. That is a skill and something a lot of photographers dream towards.

    Keep on taking pictures, doing what you love, and know that you are doing something that gives you happiness. To heck with everyone else, all that matters is what you think and the feeling you get as you take, then browse through each of your own creations knowing you captured that moment in time and it will live on because of you.

    your fave sack of meat :D

    1. Thank you AMS, for the lovely feedback. I couldn't agree more, that a picture should be captured right, and less editing is what really brings out the beauty in them. But from what I have seen, in photography magazines and such, there is not one picture which is out there, printed in a magazine, without any filter or edit. And, sure that's the real test of taking a picture, challenging ones self, or rather daring to get the picture right in it's raw form. Which is what I aim to, but Adobe has way too many sweet photography software applications, to not have a nice time learning and executing them.
      Your time and response, is much appreciated. We only learn, out of everything! :D



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