PhotoLog: Flowers

Finally, I have the demon (That's what I call my new camera) out and we had a little fun. Of course it's not all about the camera, editing is what adds up to these pictures too. I enjoy both the processes. It's fun and interesting to find a different angle to anything and everything. I am still learning (on my own!). Been taking a lot of pictures of my family and friends, they weren't great supporting subjects. Now they are kind of used to having a lens zoomed in on their faces. I am still using the auto programmed options, but I'll soon move on to manual mode. Till then, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Love & Peace



  1. Awesome I love them, very nice keep up the good photos & blog =) Mr. Ink

  2. @Mr_inkinsideme
    Thank you so much, Mr. Ink. I appreciate it, a lot. Thanks for being a loyal viewer of my posts. :)

  3. @Javann
    Thank you Thank you! Appreciate it. :D

  4. superb....ur doing great shruti : )

  5. Saweeeeet update did I miss a blog about what kinda camera you're using? I love cameras will tweet a pic I took years ago with a 5mp camera I had =) keep up the great bloggy & pics =)

  6. @Mr_inkinsideme
    I was always a keen photographer, but never took it seriously. Up until now, I used a Sony digital camera. Finally, a proud owner of a Digital SLR.

  7. Nice pics few issues but then again these were clicked when you were learning so I am way late to the party.. way way late.

    1. This was one of my very first projects, I was still learning to use a DSLR. Thank you for leaving your feedback, regardless of how late it is. :)


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