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Are You Expressive?

Before you begin reading this let me warn you, this is not a rant and is meant to be a non-serious-serious post, if that makes any sense! Anyways, I have tried to keep humor aside on this one (I know I know, only "I" think I am funny.. blah blah), and make it a genuinely curious post. 
Please tell me I am not the only one who finds it easier to express in writing? Like for example, it's easier for me to tell my sister that "I miss her", when we are chatting on whatsapp. But so hard for me to say it out loud, when we are talking on phone. I know I am not very expressive, but the weight of the "bag of emotions" I carry sometimes, in all honestly I should be the one with more extrovert genes. It's only fair you know?
Not that I am a complete introvert, but I have my moments. When I don't talk a lot, or get things out of me, all the voices in my head haunt me, and start yelling at me. Which is why I write.
I am talkative, believe me. (I know a bit co…

PhotoLog: Little Brother

15 minutes of quick photo shoot (I really dislike calling it that, because it's just me taking pictures.. Haha), with my younger brother! (Yes, the one who broke his shoulder) He had a concept in mind. He worked on the poses, with a few suggestions from me. And we were done. Then came the editing part - Black and White, can be so much fun to work with, but can also be a pain in the you know where. Sometimes, when I work with Black & White, I end up messing the sharpness, clarity or exposure. So I tried the presets, and then worked with the S/C/E. It was hard because I had to edit 16 separate pictures to make one collage. All sixteen pictures had to have the same exposure, or else it would have looked amateur. (Don't judge me on my work here, I am still learning. Since it was cloudy, the sun played hide and seek, making it more challenging, as I use natural lights for my photos.)
So, two hours later, and some worth while editing, undo-ing and re-editing later, all sixteen of…

'When Sh*t Hits The Fan'

Some people have technical difficulties in Life, right? I have hiccups, and they are the 'I can't breath' hiccups, which is pretty bad in my opinion. It's hard for me to show my vulnerability, but I want to get this out of my system. I know they say, 'whatever happens, happens for a reason', but it's hard. It gets you down, it rubs your face against a rocky road, it keeps you there, it let's you heal and then, it squirts lemon on those wounds. Sure It's an antiseptic and it's healing the wound, but it's also stinging beyond your tolerance. I know I am exaggerating, but what else do you expect when you are hurting?
Every time I try to get up, brush off, and start a fresh, something gets me down again. I thought I had everything figured out, but nope, I don't. There is no reason why I shouldn't just say, "Okay fine I didn't make it, so what? We all make mistakes!" and get over it. There is no point, wallowing in these hurt…