Are You Expressive?

Before you begin reading this let me warn you, this is not a rant and is meant to be a non-serious-serious post, if that makes any sense! Anyways, I have tried to keep humor aside on this one (I know I know, only "I" think I am funny.. blah blah), and make it a genuinely curious post. 

Please tell me I am not the only one who finds it easier to express in writing? Like for example, it's easier for me to tell my sister that "I miss her", when we are chatting on whatsapp. But so hard for me to say it out loud, when we are talking on phone. I know I am not very expressive, but the weight of the "bag of emotions" I carry sometimes, in all honestly I should be the one with more extrovert genes. It's only fair you know?

Not that I am a complete introvert, but I have my moments. When I don't talk a lot, or get things out of me, all the voices in my head haunt me, and start yelling at me. Which is why I write.

I am talkative, believe me. (I know a bit contradictory). If you know me, you'll know I talk a lot. I talk a lot when I get comfortable with the other person. But even with them, sometimes it's hard to express my true feelings. As a result, in my head I end up assuming that they understand me. That we have some telepathy/weird chemical connection thing going on, that will convey my message and how i feel about them, like any other normal person would do in words.. in person.. out loud. 

(I am right now outside on a terrace garden. And I am going to be very expressive in saying, the wind is really cold and chilling my brain. So you must understand the importance you hold.)

At times it's very stressful when I struggle at expressing my thoughts; and in return end up being misunderstood as the arrogant one. I have been told by some of my friends, that at first they thought I was very arrogant as opposed to being shy or introvert. Of course they confess that because they eventually got to know the real me. Seriously though we need to stop judging people based on their nature.

Coming back to the purpose of this post - I ask you, you who are reading this at the moment, What do you think of people who chose to express their feelings through words, penned down on a piece of paper, typed in an email, or a paper sent through a pigeon? Do you judge them for not being able to express in person? Do you think they are misunderstood? Or are the less expressive ones doomed to be characterized forever as the rude or arrogant ones?

As I said I am expressive, but some sentiments are harder to express than the others. So I use modern day technology to convey those feelings. Is it wrong in your opinion, what do you think about it? I do believe in 'Actions speak louder than words', but how do you know these actions are being understood in the way they are meant? I know I am probably dragging this thought too much.

PS: In other news, I sketched this weekend (Saturday night), finally after 2009. I had so much fun, I should do this more often. I was inspired by the movie War Horse, which is an excellent movie, to sketch a portrait of a horse. I think I did a decent job, I am glad I didn't completely loose my creative side. I used 2B and 4B pencils for this sketch. Sorry about the poor iPhone camera quality. Hope you are having a great day!

Love & Peace



  1. I am the same way... I've grown up online, find myself much more comfortable with feelings that way. I have a hard time 'saying' "I love you" to someone even family with it being behind a text or email.

    Funny how technologies have brought us as a race further ahead and we are losing some of the old stuff that is important in the process.

    1. It's not that I use just the internet mediums to stay connected. I let my actions speak too, but what about the distance that is increasing because of work, or in general life ? People don't have time anymore, which is why we can't entirely blame ourselves, for not being as expressive as we could/should have been.


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