PhotoLog: Little Brother

15 minutes of quick photo shoot (I really dislike calling it that, because it's just me taking pictures.. Haha), with my younger brother! (Yes, the one who broke his shoulder) He had a concept in mind. He worked on the poses, with a few suggestions from me. And we were done. Then came the editing part - Black and White, can be so much fun to work with, but can also be a pain in the you know where. Sometimes, when I work with Black & White, I end up messing the sharpness, clarity or exposure. So I tried the presets, and then worked with the S/C/E. It was hard because I had to edit 16 separate pictures to make one collage. All sixteen pictures had to have the same exposure, or else it would have looked amateur. (Don't judge me on my work here, I am still learning. Since it was cloudy, the sun played hide and seek, making it more challenging, as I use natural lights for my photos.)

So, two hours later, and some worth while editing, undo-ing and re-editing later, all sixteen of those pictures were ready. Grid-ing them all into one, was easy. (Thanks to Lightroom cheats) And the final product was ready. Personally, I loved it. It looked pretty awesome to me. But then came the anticipation, oh the wait! I was excited about the final picture, and because my brother had a picture in mind, I was almost nervous if it will be as good as he was expecting it to be. The reaction at first, wasn't what I expected. But later it was uploaded on Facebook; Post receiving all the likes and comments, it was held that the picture was nothing but brilliant.

Credits rolling; brilliant idea, poses, looks were offered by my brother himself, photos clicked by demon with my help and of course Lightroom, for helping me finish the dreadful task of Black & White.

(This is not the original one, this has photos with different exposures. I couldn't find the original and putting it all together again seemed pointless and time-consuming, I'll do it another time!)

Note: If you like this, you can see my other Photo Logs as well. Feel free to leave comments. (Seriously though, please leave comments and feedbacks.)

PS: I have finally managed to get my Flickr page up and running. so If you wanna check out more photos by me, that's where they'll be. (I am still uploading pictures, so be patient.)

PPS: I know I do a lot of post notes, I am sorry!

Love & Peace



  1. These are awesome. I love the simplicity of the images and the image with all the different frames/poses is fabulous!
    Well done!


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