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PhotoLog: A Day With My Valentine

A month ago, Mom and I went to a handicrafts festival, famously known as Surajkund Festival. It is is organized by the Indian government, every year for past 26 years. This year the theme was Assam, which is the North-eastern state of India. My Mom was my valentine date for this year. With my camera packed, I was all ready to go. Least did I know, that EVERYONE (literally) will be coming here on this day. So that's how my camera didn't even make it out of my bag. (And some craftsmen, didn't appreciate photography of their unique work of art.) Hence, my mobile phone became my camera of the day. It was a nice, clear and beautiful day. There were so many things that I had seen and so many were very new to me. The new things that I discovered were fun (and pricy!). Haha. Other than window shopping, it was a great day, we had street food, and bottled water. And I ended up with fifteen days of illness. (Lots of antibiotics and three tests later, I was told I will survive, and so…