PhotoLog: A Day With My Valentine

A month ago, Mom and I went to a handicrafts festival, famously known as Surajkund Festival. It is is organized by the Indian government, every year for past 26 years. This year the theme was Assam, which is the North-eastern state of India. My Mom was my valentine date for this year. With my camera packed, I was all ready to go. Least did I know, that EVERYONE (literally) will be coming here on this day. So that's how my camera didn't even make it out of my bag. (And some craftsmen, didn't appreciate photography of their unique work of art.) Hence, my mobile phone became my camera of the day. It was a nice, clear and beautiful day. There were so many things that I had seen and so many were very new to me. The new things that I discovered were fun (and pricy!). Haha. Other than window shopping, it was a great day, we had street food, and bottled water. And I ended up with fifteen days of illness. (Lots of antibiotics and three tests later, I was told I will survive, and so I did.) 

Handmade paper and painted goodies! 

Gujarati/ Rajasthani Dresses and Accessories.

Craft on Elephants's Trunk and Beach Shells. (Something new that I saw, and absolutely loved it. Though it is sad that they use the Elephant's trunk.)

Wood carving beauties! 

Wood painting, another new thing that I saw.

Handmade paper lamps and more.

Clay Pots in various shapes and colors

Artificial flowers!

Vintage Indian Boombox. Lol

Beautiful carved paintings. Caught my eyes, for sure. I wanted to get them all home.

Another one.

Some more.

wood furniture


PS: (Like always!) Things have been pretty shaky here. My grandfather is not in his best of health. We have been visiting doctors and hospitals. Things don't look great, but we are hoping and praying, every single day for him to get better. So he can get out of the funk, that he is trapped in. Keep him in yours prayers. We are having long days and nights here. 

Love & Peace



  1. I absolutely love places like this. Whenever I'm in India, I usually visit a place called Shilparamam -in Hyderabad. I spend hours and hours roaming around. They have some really amazing things.

    I love your photographs too.
    And I do hope your grandfather will get better. =)

    1. Thanks Vasu!! I love handicrafts, and everything hand-made. It was a treat for the eyes. :)


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