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Book Review - Life Is What You Make It

"..I do not think anyone will fully comprehend what exactly happened to me unless they have themselves gone through what I have." - Life is What You Make It
Life is what you make itbyPreeti Shenoy is the book I recently read. She is a fantastic writer and a talented artist. My timing of reading this book, couldn't have been more perfect. This book is mind blowing and so very honest. I could have finished it in one sitting, but because of given circumstances, I wanted to take "time" to read it. I didn't want to hurry. If you read this book, I am sure you'll give up your sleep and finish it. The characters, the story, they all seemed so real.
Although the story in the book is different from current circumstances, but the feelings are almost the same. My dear grandfather, is going through a lot. I started to read this book before anything happened. Came 21st of February 2012, and his life had changed. Everything for him, for our family changed. It all starte…