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PhotoLog: More Randomness

Today I realized, it's been a while since I did a Photo Log. And also realized how low the blog view has been this year. So just to spice things a little, and mostly trying to get myself back in the game. I decided to dig deep and find some photos I can work with on Lightroom and bring together a decent (if not bad) post. What do y'all think? Does it pass in being the worst (Best, if you insist) come back? :) 
No one really leaves comments here, but they all make sure I know how they feel through other mediums, which is totally cool. As long as you let me know and keep me motivated. If not in my professional life, there has been a break through in my personal life. Recently, I discovered how awesome biscuit/cookie making is. I have been a fan of baking since forever, but never attempted biscuits. I thought it was a lot of work. But all there is to cookies/biscuits, is that there are a lot of ingredients and less baking time. They are awesome. I attempted Oat cookies, and Meltin…

PhotoLog: Summer Vacation

It's been forever since I last posted anything on my blog. But this time, I am happy to share a travel edition blog post. It was an eleven-day long vacation to two different Indian cities, both being my mom’s favorites. The best part was meeting my amazing family. This was my first ever visit to Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, but definitely not my first to my Mom’s hometown Sidhpur, which is few kilometers away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
I'll begin talking about Sidhpur – small, but such a beautiful and quaint city. I have my best memories there. My maternal grandparents and my cousins still live there. Growing up summer vacations meant visiting family in Sidhpur; which also meant spending all day in water pool, inhaling sweet treats and lots of running around. It still reminds me of those things. The homemade Guajarati food with a Punjabi spin, the essence of yummy dishes in the dining area, they are all part of my memories. Going on a vacation means taking a break from routine, …