PhotoLog: More Randomness

Today I realized, it's been a while since I did a Photo Log. And also realized how low the blog view has been this year. So just to spice things a little, and mostly trying to get myself back in the game. I decided to dig deep and find some photos I can work with on Lightroom and bring together a decent (if not bad) post. What do y'all think? Does it pass in being the worst (Best, if you insist) come back? :) 

No one really leaves comments here, but they all make sure I know how they feel through other mediums, which is totally cool. As long as you let me know and keep me motivated. If not in my professional life, there has been a break through in my personal life. Recently, I discovered how awesome biscuit/cookie making is. I have been a fan of baking since forever, but never attempted biscuits. I thought it was a lot of work. But all there is to cookies/biscuits, is that there are a lot of ingredients and less baking time. They are awesome. I attempted Oat cookies, and Melting Moments. Melting moments are what they do, they MELT in your mouth. So so good. I'll be having tons of fun in the near future with making different kinds, and with my spin. And if you are family/friend/neighbor of mine, you are going to be lucky, because I'll be passing them around. Till then, enjoy this random post and like always, be kind and comment. 

Swiss Rolls (Comment below for a recipe)

This Bokeh was a fluke, and kind of an "S"?
Flower Portrait

Mirror Reflection

Sun bathing!

Just Chilling

Monsoon Clouds

Roof Top

Beautiful Afternoon

You can also visit my Flickr page for more photos, all in one place. Leave comments, likes, favorites.. whatever you feel like. And you can always see my other Photo Logs. Have a good week.

Love & Peace


  1. I used to blog all the time as a teenager. So much stuff going on, always wanted to share my life experiences and get advice or where possible give advice. It must be my OCD, which I think we all have at some point because I cant sit still and read. I am one of these guys who attempts to put something together without looking at the instructions, then i get confused and end up having to read them in the end anyway.

    Love your photos and the swiss roll looks very tempting, i would imagine its long gone...and none saved for your little twitter friend :P

    Take care, Alan

    1. Thanks Alan for your comment on my blog. It feels good to just write it all out. :)
      Haha, of course the swiss roll is long gone. And thanks for dropping by and checking it out.

  2. LetsGo2TheBeachJuly 17, 2012 3:02 PM

    I love these pics, Shruti!

    1. Aww, thanks Ms. S. You guys keep me motivated. :)


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