PhotoLog: Summer Vacation

It's been forever since I last posted anything on my blog. But this time, I am happy to share a travel edition blog post. It was an eleven-day long vacation to two different Indian cities, both being my mom’s favorites. The best part was meeting my amazing family. This was my first ever visit to Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, but definitely not my first to my Mom’s hometown Sidhpur, which is few kilometers away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

I'll begin talking about Sidhpur – small, but such a beautiful and quaint city. I have my best memories there. My maternal grandparents and my cousins still live there. Growing up summer vacations meant visiting family in Sidhpur; which also meant spending all day in water pool, inhaling sweet treats and lots of running around. It still reminds me of those things. The homemade Guajarati food with a Punjabi spin, the essence of yummy dishes in the dining area, they are all part of my memories. Going on a vacation means taking a break from routine, and Sidhpur is my ultimate relaxing getaway!

Another city we went to was my mom's 'Most Favorite City in the Whole World Wide' (other than her hometown, of course!), and she insists on calling it "Her Bombay", even though the name changed to Mumbai years ago. If given a chance, she will move to Bombay right this minute. My take on the city was no less. Bombay is busy, fast paced but authentic, very different to Delhi where I grew up. I had a few awe moments there, one of them being when I saw the sea from our cousin’s balcony. We don’t have any water body or mountains in my city, so seeing a beach right outside the complex made me excited. I could totally imagine waking up to the sound of water splashing. A few things did bother me though; the sea was kept very dirty and the high levels of humidity all through the day.

My brother and I first flew to Mumbai, stayed there for 5 days and 5 nights, with our cousins. They showed us around, took us shopping and all we did was eat. Very nice of them to take out time from their busy schedule to be with us, but Mumbai is best explored on your own, it will surprise you. On the 6th morning we took a train to Ahmedabad, which was a 6.5 hours long journey. We spent the day there, drove to Sidhpur, to meet my grandparents. We stayed there for 2 days and drove back to Ahmedabad. Eat, play, shop and sleep. I had the most amazing time with my cousins. We went on afternoon adventures, re-visited some of the places we went as kids, and in all had a great time. We flew back to Delhi on our 11th day. 

When you travel, you see and learn a lot of things. One thing I learned about my city, post this holiday was that my city is welcoming and open to everyone. However, if you move to either of these cities, in order to blend in you will have to learn their regional languages. To my surprise, many of their boards and street signs were in their regional language instead of our national or even English language. I used to complain about traffic in my city (I still do! It’s getting worst), but we are not the only city with this issue. So sometimes, visiting other cities can help you see the best in your own city.

Anyways I leave you to enjoy some of the photos I took on this holiday. Others have been uploaded on my Flickr page; don’t forget to check them out. And if you like my travel blog post, do share and leave a comment.

Mumbai Skyline
The city that never sleeps
By the beach

Taj Hotel, Mumbai
Oldest form of transportation, yet someone's new.
Haji Ali, in the middle of the sea. 
(Like I mentioned on flickr, I regret not stopping here and taking a moment.. I should have, may be I'll go back one day!)
Time Tower, Sidhpur, India
Abandoned Houses, Streets of Gujarat 

View from the train.
Visited my mom's childhood friend. These are old traditional ornaments, that she still uses to decorate her house with. Loved it. Also, in Gujarat, most Gujaratis have a swing inside their home. How cool is that?

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