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Baking Rant

Okay so, I have noticed, that whenever I am baking for myself or my family... I always ace. And whatever I am baking, comes out the way it should and looks almost professional. (That's also, when i grab the camera and click my creations.) But the minute, I plan to be super nice, and bake for someone else (or I am told/asked to bake), that's when all "baking" hell breaks loose. Please tell me this happens with everyone and not just me ? Pretty please ? Cookies have never looked bad, the cake goes flat, the cupcakes are all crumbly and don't even get me started on the frosting. Because nothing works, when I am baking for someone else. Which also concludes and hints, that this might not be the profession for me, or I don't think I can open a cake shop, unless I am cooking just for myself. (Just kidding.. I am not "that" bad) I promise my recipes are correct, and my method was right too, and I do make delicious cake... this was just not my day. Maybe th…