Baking Rant

Okay so, I have noticed, that whenever I am baking for myself or my family... I always ace. And whatever I am baking, comes out the way it should and looks almost professional. (That's also, when i grab the camera and click my creations.) But the minute, I plan to be super nice, and bake for someone else (or I am told/asked to bake), that's when all "baking" hell breaks loose. Please tell me this happens with everyone and not just me ? Pretty please ? Cookies have never looked bad, the cake goes flat, the cupcakes are all crumbly and don't even get me started on the frosting. Because nothing works, when I am baking for someone else. Which also concludes and hints, that this might not be the profession for me, or I don't think I can open a cake shop, unless I am cooking just for myself. (Just kidding.. I am not "that" bad) I promise my recipes are correct, and my method was right too, and I do make delicious cake... this was just not my day. Maybe that's the key. If I think that I am baking for myself, may be it'll work and everything will always be how it should be.

I mean, can it get worst than burning cookies ? I literally burnt cookies today, how sad is that ? That's like insulting cookies. For all those thinking, oh my god this girl knows nothing about baking.. forget a cake shop, woman! Hold on, I have a small oven, handful key utensils (no measuring cups, whatsoever), I bake everything from scratch. Now go ahead and judge me, I dare you to. *cries* 

Cooking From Scratch.

PS: No matter how presentable it will look, but the batter, the cake, the cookie, the cupcake, etc.. etc.. they always taste gobsmackingly delicious. (Yeah yeah.. I picked that word from Masterchef Australia). I don't know what went wrong today, but I know I can rectify it. Definitely another time, because my dear readers.. baking is hard. It's a lot of work, a lot of sweat (not in the batter, of course), a lot of things going at once. So excuse this girl right here, for burning those yummy delicious cookies. 

PPS: I have cut the burnt part, and crumbled the rest in vanilla ice cream, added grated chocolate on top and put in freezer to set. Will serve as a dessert tonight. (I'll let you know if it goes as planned or goes in the garbage.) Thank you for letting me do the baking rant.. because why the hell not ?! 

My reaction, after winding up. 

Update: Two people so far, have commented on my cookies (good, fortunately). And the cupcakes have come out so awesome, I can't wait to eat them tonight at 12. The frosting is so yumm, so easy, simple.. yet tooooooo sweet and full of calories. But it's birthday cupcake, no one can say no. My brother better like them, and be surprised when I give him his surprise birthday gift. 

PPPS: It's a Red Velvet Cupcake, with simple Vanilla Buttercream frosting. People look at me weird, when I tell them that all my baking happens, without eggs. Yep that's right... Even though I am an eggetarian, yet I feel a sense of silly pride when I bake without eggs. And they are as yummy as the ones with eggs. So I get the best of both worlds. The reason I started with eggless baking, was because my grandma was a pure vegetarian. And everyone, except her used to have her birthday cake.  So, I got the chance to bake her birthday cake, and have it with her. See, why I feel the pride ? :')

Love & Peace


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