You know that time when you are trying to sleep, but it has suddenly disappeared and all you can think about is, how your life sucks ?! How you are nothing but a failure? Yeah, me neither! 

My mind/ body/ soul, everything in me, is rejecting all the good things. It's focusing on all those things I can't do or maybe I am scared to attempt. I keep reminding myself, that 'I am who I must be' and everything will be ok, eventually. But is it enough to stop my brain from talking so loudly? I don't think so. No doubt I am enjoying my life at the moment. But beating myself for what's to come in the future, is absolutely crazy and making me go insane. On top of everything, not having your siblings around, for a pep talk is frustrating and extremely sad. Its like the opposite of a pep talk. I just wish they were here. And I also wish, life would stop playing with me.

Maybe it's nothing, or maybe it's everything. Sorry for this very short and random blog post.

Love & Peace


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