2014, Let's Talk Business! (With Wedding Update)

Let's talk about what happened in the last few weeks; my time with my previous job came to an end, it was very emotional and difficult for me, I got three farewells, I left with some very awesome friendships, my mobile phone (that I rely on completely, for every damn thing) decided to die on me on my last working day, which also means I lost ALL photos I had taken as memories of my office and friends, it is still dead and the service center is asking for 60% of the cost of the phone, as "repair charges" (I really dislike HTC for already high priced phones, and now high priced services). I wasn't prepared for it, so now I am left with an average phone for the time being, till I find something that is not an HTC. (I know it sounds so unreasonable, whining about a materialistic thing, but it's an addiction and will take some time to change).

In other more important news, my brother got married (Yayy!!!). It was a super awesome week, full of wedding preps, and then another week full of partying and getting dressed. Bhabhi (let's call her Bhabhi S) is adorable and a really nice person. To top it all off, my sister who lives in Australia, decided to give a huge surprise by flying in for the wedding celebrations. We made videos of her surprising my parents and brother. Keeping her trip a secret was the hardest thing for me, but it was all worth it in the end. It was not at all easy, but then again I know I wouldn't have given away, even if I wanted to. Even though we missed our brother in law, but having my sister spend all her time with us was a sweet treat for all. All the excitement of the week took a toll on us & I spent almost an entire day recovering in bed.

These days I am soaking in the last few days of warm winter sun, reading outside. In spite of having all the time in the world to relax now, I have been waking up early in the mornings. It's probably because I miss going to work.

2012 to 2014 have been the most challenging years for me. Lots of good, and some bad things happened. Which have only made me stronger. I refuse to believe 2014 is going to be one of those years. Even after a recent outburst about 2014 letting me down already, I still feel strangely positive about this year. Spiritually I am at a very good place at the moment. I intend to be nothing but happy. I have set goals for myself this year, and I am for once very focused and working on them. I have come across some amazing people in the past few years; I am learning to let go yet hold on to many things. I have made and still am in the process of making some major life decisions by myself, which I am pretty proud of (as I am the most indecisive person on this planet!). I'll forever be grateful to God (or the higher power out there, because I believe in the power more than I believe in a figure.), for giving me the best family and friends. Friends include the awesome people I get to interact with through this blog and other social media platforms.

Reception Party. Also the last day of dressing up :P
Me and my childhood friend.
PS: Before I go, I want to take a brief moment to comment on the book Princess by Jean Sasson. To start off, a must read. And, secondly, I can't believe what Princess Sultana and other females have gone through. In one chapter I cringed and had to close my eyes for a few minutes. I always find myself complaining about so many things wrong with Indian culture, or just complain in general, but it is nothing in comparison to what was happening back in Saudi in 1990s, and probably is still happening among the illiterate or misinformed. But I can totally imagine the fear; I can imagine how the females were brainwashed to believe that this was the truth of life. (I don't want to elaborate and spoil the book for you). No one decides what life is. It must be an individual's choice. I feel bad for those females that died not knowing the truth, not knowing they had a choice. 

Love & Peace


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