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Book Reviews - Second World War

I never read or learnt about the Second World War in school, because India was dealing with it's own wars and fights. War wasn't really the most attractive subject either, for a 15 year old (That's when I, technically, started reading). I went from Mills & boons, to sweet valley high, vampire love stories, motivational, to Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho, to Indian authors. There was no turning back; I had become a "Reader". Don't close the tab just yet I, finally, grew up. Now so many things interest me. History, philosophy, psychology, classics, autobiographies, to cut the list short, I have found my new true love... Non-fiction. If I can learn something from it, I'll read it.
I have been reading a lot of books, watching lots of movies and documentaries on war, especially the Second World War. So if you too want to be bitten by this bug, here are some of my favorite books on this amazing War, which left many scared as well as scarred for life. "The …