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Book Reviews - Stories From Middle East And Asia

I am here with another book review. These are some of the impactful stories I have read lately. My love for non-fiction continues, but this time I have a few fictions to add to the list too. In 2013 I travelled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar), for a holiday. Right before the trip was even planned, I was reading Princess by Jean Sasson, upon my brother's recommendation. For some reason I was unable to finish it before the trip. After traveling to these exotic and magnificent places I was tempted to know more about their culture, religion, history and politics. So I was able to pick the following books to gain more insight. A few of them are based in countries of the Middle East and some of Asia, as you can tell from the blog post title (duh!), but they have a few similarities. I hope this compilation makes sense, because I do honestly see some similarity, however they are so unique and interesting in their own way.
I would like to add that these reviews are merely my p…