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Book Reviews - Indian History

Back in the day (school, to be precise!) I never took interest in Indian history. All I remember is - endless bookmarks and notes that made my hands and head hurt. Never realizing that history can be interesting. It happened in our parents/ grand parent's lives, and in some way it impacted us all. At least that's what I take from reading this non-fiction genre. It's very important for me to know what happened, people's reactions and the many lessons we can learn from them. Knowing the truth, is better than not knowing at all. So this curiosity led me to read about a few major catastrophic events, movements and revolution in India. Based in 4 different parts of India, at 4 different times, unrelated to each other, but greatly influenced by caste and religion. Killing many, gaining nothing, terrorizing, and having just one common enemy - The Government! Hope you enjoy the reviews.

"Amritsar - Mrs. Gandhi's Last Battle", by Mark Tully & Satish Jacob