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Reading Wish List

I promised myself in 2015, that until I finish reading all the unread books that I own, I would not purchase a new one. (Of course, I broke this rule a few times in 2015... and, 2016!) And let me tell you, I own a lot of unread books; I don't have a number and I don't want to know how many, because that will make me feel very guilty. I don't want to make excuses, but one of the reasons is that a lot of them are fiction, and as of late I have really enjoyed reading non-fiction. Which is why I kept buying more books. 

Anyways, so on the occasion of World's Book Day I decided to make a list of books that I look forward to reading. I certainly have a long list of books that I wish to read, but only once I am done reading the ones I already have. *Sad face*

So here goes my Reading wish list -