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I promised myself in 2015, that until I finish reading all the unread books that I own, I would not purchase a new one. (Of course, I broke this rule a few times in 2015... and, 2016!) And let me tell you, I own a lot of unread books; I don't have a number and I don't want to know how many, because that will make me feel very guilty. I don't want to make excuses, but one of the reasons is that a lot of them are fiction, and as of late I have really enjoyed reading non-fiction. Which is why I kept buying more books. 

Anyways, so on the occasion of World's Book Day I decided to make a list of books that I look forward to reading. I certainly have a long list of books that I wish to read, but only once I am done reading the ones I already have. *Sad face*

So here goes my Reading wish list -

If you know me, or have followed my reading lists in the past, you would know that I am taken by the spectacular Second World War. Some may think that it was the saddest part of our history, and I couldn't agree more. We can either remember it as the cruelest of cruel war, or learn from survivor's stories.

You will be amazed at how many lessons of courage, compassion and sacrifice you can learn like never before. I agree I spent countless nights grieving for people who died, more so for those who survived such a tough time. I had nightmares almost every time I read a war book. But my perspective changed once I read Rena's survival story. Today, we take our lives and relationships for granted, but we must learn the art of gratification and selfless love. It is a super-power that we are gifted. Some of the war books that I wish to add to my reading lists are - 

Talking about History, following are some other books on history that I wish to read- 

It's inspirational as well as exciting to read about people's lives, their past that shaped them, and their journey to success and self-realization. So some of the Biographies/ Autobiographies -

So these are some of the books that I look forward to. What's on your wish list? Did you see anything on my list that interests you? Do you have more recommendations for me? Let me know what you think.

Love & Peace 


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