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"Life Without Limits", by Nick Vujicic

Author Nick Vujicic
Genre Non-fiction / Inspirational
Price Rs. 499 (Purchase for Rs. 342 from Flipkart)
Pages 288
Format Paperback
Availability,,, Infibeam
Rating ✮ (5 Stars)

Book Review
I bought this book back in 2013; with the sole purpose of getting to know Nick Vujicic, the man whose YouTube video went viral after his appearance on Oprah. I was unaware, at that time, that it was a motivational and inspirational book. (I mean come on, that's the first thing you see on the cover of the book, but I wanted to know more about the person he is). Nick Vujicic (pronounced as Voy-a-chich) is a Serbian Australian bloke (now living in California, USA) born without any limbs; medically he was born with Tetra-Amelia syndrome. The positivity this guy reflects, will first undeniably make you feel bad about yourself, and then infectiously make you want to jump out of bed and live life.

The book begins with a background on his family who migrated to Australia from Serbia, in the midst of regional unrest, for a better life. Two people in love, with similar backgrounds, decide to start a family. Nick’s mother was a midwife, so when she finds out about her first pregnancy – she is beyond ecstatic. Having seen many deliveries as a nurse little did she know, that this childbirth would put them in a very taut position as parents. Nick was their first-born, so that memorable glimpse of their baby would hold a completely new meaning in their lives. The shock of seeing his baby born without legs and arms had frightened a father; and the emotion of a mother refusing to hold her own child makes your throat choke with emotions, but even then Nick lightens up the mood with his wit.

It was not an easy journey for either Nick or his parents; but their belief in God would later change the lives of many. Any normal person, in his situation, would have felt victim to God’s cruel joke – but not Nick. At the age of only 8 years, he wanted to take his life; he wanted to commit suicide because he couldn’t understand the reason of his existence. No child so young should ever have to feel that way. It took him years before he could trust God and trust in his plan for him. Once he set out on this path, he accepted his unique body, and felt blessed to be born this way. Can you imagine a life without limbs? Try tying one hand for a day; even the most basic daily activity requires at least one leg or arm. Now imagine if you had no arms or no legs. Does that scar on your arm feel better now? I give all the credits to his parents, for not only choosing to bring him up with faith, but also ensuring he accepted himself and led an independent life, as any other child. As parents, I can imagine it would have been the hardest thing; but if they had not given him his wings, he wouldn’t have been who he is today. They let him sprout into his own distinctiveness, shine through his own light and pursue his own life’s path. They did what every parent should do, have the most honest conversations with their children and instill in them every doubt, fear and hope, which will give them the strength to overcome every difficulty in life. Had they been over-protective, he would have never learnt how to fly. Which doesn’t take away from the fact that they forego their parental duties, but they found a balance that not only made him independent but also gave them the comfort that he will be all right.

With the undying support of his parents, love from younger siblings and trust in God, Nick grew up to be a fine young man. He would go on to learn to surf, scuba dive, swim, travel the world, become an inspirational speaker encouraging millions of people, and guess what? Marry another beautiful soul, and start a family. (This book published in 2010 before he found the love of his life, so there is no mention of his marriage or kids in this book. But for your information, as of today, he is a happily married man with 2 sons.) In this book he has recorded his memories as an adolescent trying to understand his abilities, his struggles, and giggles to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. He has captured many inspiring stories from around the world, encounters with extraordinary people, the strength of his family and his attempt at helping young individuals.

He is not looking for sympathy; In fact, in spite of all the physical shortcomings, he feels blessed when he can inspire and uplift people through his journey. He wants the world to see the limitless life we all can lead, with the awareness and knowledge of gratitude.

As a person, he is so encouraging, cheerful and sincere, you forget about his physical frailty. He is that friend who is always cracking jokes to make you smile, sometimes at the cost of his own situation. You would not want to put down this book. Written with honesty, heart and soul; Nick’s upbeat personality echoes through every instance, story and experience he shares in his book.

Final Thoughts
In a nutshell, he highlights the important attributes he learned on his journey. Hope, faith in God, self-acceptance, correct attitude, taking responsibility of our own happiness, courage, serving others, finding purpose, seizing opportunities, willingness to take risks, and smiling through the difficult turns in life. Throughout this book he emphasizes on living a ridiculously happy life. Nothing or no force, except for your own mind, can stop you from living that life. If you really want to live a life without limits (irrespective of the number of limbs you were born with), this book will give you the inspiration or motivation that you need. Even if you are not seeking inspiration, knowing this cheeky young man will make it worth your reading time.

Happy Reading!

Love & Peace


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