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Beginner's Guide To Overcome Writer's Block

If you have ever written on a schedule, you must be familiar with writer’s block. It means you may have lost inspiration, the plot, or your mind all together; you may have disconnected from your story or subject; you may be stuck at the editing stage; you are unable to fill in the odd gaps; you are on the verge of a breakdown; or any other symptom reason hindering you from writing. It’s a very natural process, and should be used productively to do other things that may uplift you and bring back your vision. It's not a one-time thing, it can happen to you over and over again. Sometimes it goes away without trying, other times all the advices fail to work. But it’s always better to be prepared when it knocks your door. Everyone has a way of dealing with it; here are 10 things that work for me.
Reading a book, or your favorite blog, or even your old work, can sometimes break the monotony of your current project.
Music / Podcasts
We have worldwide access to all types of music and…

Book Review - Yes, My Accent Is Real by Kunal Nayyar

‘Yes, My Accent Is Real’, says KunalNayyar. If you were a fan of TheBigBangTheory, the famous American TV show, you would know Rajesh Koothrappali or Raj. (Fun fact:Raj was originally named David Koothrappali; as it wasn’t written specifically for an Indian, even though Koothrappali sounds nothing but Indian). I went on a quest to know more about Kunal Nayyar, the actor who plays the astounding and hysterical character of Raj. Kunal is a 34-year-old British Indian actor and writer; he was born in London, England, grew up in New Delhi, India, went to Portland, USA to pursue higher studies in Finance, and now resides in Los Angeles, USA with his wife. Even though he chose to study finance, acting was his calling; and as soon as he realized that he worked hard on building it professionally, and eventually served it well.