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"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time." - the Yard

The yard is a story of an abandoned boy Behrooz, who gains a new family overnight, and a young rebellious girl Maya, who stands apart from the rest of her family; adapting to the new family dynamics, struggling with their inner turmoil's, and with all the forces against them, they fall in love with each other. The story is built around a yard, which resides a large family, giving a spin to the traditional modern love story. This book is about a Muslim family in Trinidad, but irrespective of the religion or culture or nation, a lot of us may be able to relate to it. It is an unconventional but authentic story of love, sacrifice and family drama, which sums up the significance of the yard itself.

The Yard, by Aliyyah Eniath 

Lets just take a moment to appreciate the title and cover photography of this book (Courtesy: Antony Scully) – It straightaway fills my heart with happiness. It is a stunning and powerful exhibition of the motif of this book

The yard is a beautifully sketched story, with dramatic twists and turns, giving it a character and keeping you on the edge. The author’s portrayal of Trinidad, all the characters and the yard feeds your imagination, some of the descriptions sounded very poetic. She gives every minute detail of every family member of every generation (including the pets); From celebrating weddings to arranging funerals; From falling in love to heartbreaks; From elements of home to far away adventures; which collectively engages you in the story and makes it very easy to read. I personally enjoyed reading this book because I could relate to the yard, relate to growing up in a joint family, and the constant pressure of pleasing, & living up to other people’s expectations. I highly recommend this book to you if you are looking for a serene yet vivid love story (and the drama that surrounds it).

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**Spoiler’s Alert**

The story begins with Father Khalid finding Behrooz, abandoned at his Aunt’s house; he brings home to the yard this unfamiliar face against the likes of many. There are lots of characters involved - which may seem overwhelming at first, but coming from a big joint family myself you catch on to the names and relations eventually. The focus, however, remains on the main characters. Maya is Father Khalid’s daughter, making her Behrooz’s stepsister.

Maya and Behrooz don’t get along instantly, but grow fond of each other as time goes by; so much so that they fall in love with each other without them realizing it. Which would only raise eyebrows, even though it’s legally accepted under Islamic Law. (But love has no boundaries or limitations, you don’t choose to love, love chooses you.) The realization dawns on them when Behrooz meets another girl Sara. After trying really hard to stay away, they admit their feelings to each other. The yard wakes up to the news of Maya escaping to London to her sister Zia, leaving Behrooz confused and heart broken. Instead of confronting her, Behrooz eventually moves on in his life and marries Sara.

“How do you forgive those who’ve betrayed you? Move on from the hurt they caused? Does forgiving mean you’ve given them a pass?... Forgiveness is tricky; I’ve often felt like I can’t… But if you don’t… you’re trapped.” - the Yard

A sudden and sad demise of a very important family member brings these two lost souls back to the yard, but so much has changed. Constant nagging of people of the yard, change in family dynamics, and the presence of history with Maya, forces Behrooz to leave the yard and work on his marriage with Sara. Maya stays behind to see through her family and business; she is the last remaining member in the yard, trying to keep it all togetherThe end is especially my favorite – a decision brings Behrooz back and it’s interesting to note how the yard that destroyed everything at first, then witnesses union of two people. It’s often a blessing to be a part of a big family, but sometimes, it can be damaging for you. The impact may seem subtle, but overtime it crafts a situation that you may not like. We must draw a line somewhere. Most of the times, for a person or a relationship to grow and take its own shape, we must learn to let go of our comforts. No matter how much you love the yard, you must leave it to live it.

Final Thoughts
Again, I highly recommend this book to you if you are looking for a serene yet vivid love story, which is highly influenced by the yard and entertains you with many dramatic twists and turns.


Aliyyah Eniath is a writer, director and editor – running a publishing house, Chief editor at a Caribbean wedding magazine, and recently launched her very first novel in India the yard. She lives in Trinidad and Tobago, a twin Caribbean island north of Venezuela, with her husband and pets. She is a Trinidadian, with her forefather's roots in India, who grew up watching Bollywood movies.

Genre Fiction
Price Rs. 350 (Review copy received from Author)
Pages 286
Format Paperback
Availability Worldwide on Amazon
Rating ✮ (5 Stars)

Me and Aliyyah at her book launch
June, 2016 (New Delhi)

I met Aliyyah on her book’s launch in New Delhi, she is the sweetest as can be. Later we sat down, with her husband Ronald, and discussed our cultures and world dynamics. They were both very warm and kindhearted, and I loved Aliyyah’s passion for writing. Upon asking who her favorite character from the book was, she said Maya because she sees a lot of herself in her, which makes the book that much more special.

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