12 Hottest Books for Summer

Book recommendations

We don’t really need a season or a reason to read, but because it is too hot to step out or too mucky to go on adventurous road trips, I decided to list 12 books, in no particular order, that I have read or will be reading this summer of 16’.

1. Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes (Adult Fiction, Chick Lit)
I am always skeptical of adult fiction book series, till they are formed into a movie, and then it has all my attention. But also because Louisa’s oddity sounded very similar to mine, and because it’s a love story, I decided to add this to my summer’s list.

2. Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari (Non-fiction, Humor)
Aziz Ansari is a sharp comedian. So, when he decided to write about Modern day romance and never ending search for love interests, I knew I had to read it.

3. Anything for you Ma'am, by Tushar Raheja (Fiction)
Yes, this book was first published in 2006. Yes, it’s a love story. And No, it’s not a Chetan Bhagat love story, but better.

4. The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga (Fiction)
It’s an unconventional story of, and voiced by, a domestic help and driver of a wealthy
Indian family. Simple, straightforward, yet brilliantly written. It won the Man Booker Award among other awards, and rightly so. However, I remember the end had thrown me off, may be my expectations were too high? I hope reading it again, would help change my view.

5. A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini (Contemporary Fiction)
An extraordinary storyteller, Khaled Hosseini is an award winning writer, and officially the only novelist that brings me to tears with his remarkable stories of humanity.

6. Rena's Promise, by Rena Korenreich Gelissen (Non-fiction, Holocaust)
If you are anything like me, then you like reading World War II or holocaust stories. Rena’s promise is a survival story of two sisters’ from, mankind’s worst ever holocaust. I have been asked time and again how can I read such dark stories? To them I say life's greatest lessons are hidden in these stories; it teaches you the true meaning of hope and survival, once you see past the gruesome stories. So if you can handle a more serious subject, this one’s for you.

book recommendations

7. The Yard, by Aliyyah Eniath (Contemporary Fiction)
An unconventional modern day love story of an adopted Muslim boy and his so-called step sister; based in the midst of a joint family, referred to as the yard, is fresh and capable of keeping you entertained this summer.

8. Quiet, by Susan Cain (Non-fiction)
The power of introverts, now has a voice, and how. Two million copies of it have been sold so far; it has changed the views of many. If you are an introvert who grew up questioning it, or know one, this might be an interesting book to read.

9. Destiny of Shattered Dreams, by Nilesh Rathod (Contemporary Fiction)
Of late, Indian government has been dealing with, what could possibly be the biggest national scam ever, of black money being stashed in Swiss banks. This is a story that takes you behind the scenes into how such a thing happens in the first place. I had a fun time reading it, and enjoyed the beautiful poems written by the author.

10. Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks (Fiction, Romance)
A love story that started during a summer break, what could be more perfect than this? Dear John, another love story of a service man and a college girl; who meet during his visit home one summer, only to be separated by the call of duty. One of my all time favorite book and movie.

11. Man’s Search For Meaning, by Dr. Victor E. Frankl (Non-fiction, Psychology)
Dr. Frankl addresses the importance of Hope and Purpose, which together helps you find your meaning of life. This book is not an account of surviving the holocaust, but his understanding of human psychology, that sadly came to life post his experiences in concentration camps under the Nazi rule. It is intense, but very liberating at the same time.

12. Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen (Classics)
Lastly, I decided to go classic with this one. First published in 1813, Pride and prejudice is the most universally loved novel of all time. Some things never change and some things will never be the same. And so I have decided to revisit this impressive novel again this summer.

book recommendations

So these were my 12 picks for this season, did any of these spark your interest? Share what have you been reading, and if you see something you like or want my review on any one, feel free to write to me or leave a comment. Hope you enjoy your summers, or the monsoon rains if you are in India.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

Love & Peace


  1. Let's see when you read : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara : in 13 countries , 95 libraries

  2. Well your reading list seems more upto date as compared your photo logs, hmm leave that, out of these I have read 'The White Tiger' and 'Anything for you Ma'am' loved both. Khalid's is in book case can be read any day.

    1. Thank you Mr. Khair for leaving your feedback. Yes, my photo-logs haven't been as up-to-date as my book reviews. I will soon have more updates on photography and travelogues.
      And you must read Khaled Hosseini, he is a great story teller.


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