Book Review - Destiny of Shattered Dreams

"Waqt masiha haeh, har gham ko samaa lega, Lekin waqt haeh, waqt lega." (Time is a messiah, every sorrow it shall contain. But time it is and time it shall take.) - Destiny of Shattered Dreams
Destiny of Shattered Dreams

Destiny of Shattered Dreams, by Nilesh Rathod

Book Review

Destiny of Shattered Dreams is a modern story of a man, his rise and fall in corporate stardom, along with struggles in his personal life. The story takes you behind the scenes into the making of a billion dollar company, a scam, politics and money laundering; leading up to unfortunate incidents and transforming a simple man into the devil he swore never to be. With the Swiss bank scam at its peak in India, this book seems fitting and convincing. It is a meticulous story of a small town boy’s startup turned billion-dollar company, sky rocketing to be the best but impacted by one tragedy after another. The story begins with Atul, the suave tycoon, getting arrested on counts of corruption, and put behind bars, and from there the story goes in flashback. He is a strong and intelligent character, leading the company to greater heights, making ghastly decisions on the way. Meanwhile his 11 years of marriage is hanging by the thread, and then one change, brings the whole relationship apart. Atul’s story hopscotches through bumpy business squares, which can sound monotonous, but most of the technicalities are logically explained for the convenience of the readers.  

Final Thoughts

The story is packed with power, aspirations, betrayal and drama. Not only does it entertain you, but you also take away some meaningful messages on righteousness. The story rolled fast and smooth, engaging you till the very last page. It comes with twists and turns that take you by surprise, and leave you pleased, however intense. The end is nothing short of a climax of a well-made Bollywood movie. If you begin reading, I guarantee you will read it in one go. Author’s poems deserve a special shout out; they are impactful as much as they are beautiful. A story written with poise and with conscious efforts is worthy of your time.

About Author

Nilesh Rathod is a businessman by profession, but a writer and poet at heart. He lives in Mumbai, India, with his wife and two kids. He has been writing poems for 16 years now, but Destiny of Shattered Dreams is his first novel, with a second in the making. Personally, it’s hard to believe that this is his first novel, because it resonates the writing of a seasoned writer, and his poems are the high points.

Genre Contemporary Fiction
Price Rs. 200 (Review copy received from Author)
Pages 251

Rating ✮ (5 Stars)

"Every crisis looks shallow in the prism of faith!" - Destiny of Shattered Dreams

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