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Book Review - Facts of Life by Rehana Shamsi

“love begins life, awareness delivers power, forgiveness brings comfort.” – Facts of Life

Facts of Life, by Rehana Shamsi
Book Review

Alexander - The Story of a Young Boy

Re-energized from his afternoon nap, Alexander runs around the house giggling. “Mamma, ‘Un! Catch”, he challenges his mother in sheer excitement, at almost 2 years of age he can only speak in broken sentences. Even though she is tired from taking care of a toddler all day, she pretends runs after him. She can’t help but smile every time he calls her Mamma.
When Sia and Aaron got married 3 years ago, they wanted to have a baby right away, and God blessed them with Alex in their very first year of trying. Alexander, meaning victorious, brought with him joy beyond measure for the Singh family. As soon as he was born - Grandma, Grandpa, Aaron, and Sia - all fussed over this little bundle of joy.
As the mother-son duo is playing, the father returns from work; looking at the grin on Alex’s face, he joins in on the chase. After the second round he catches up to him, picks him up in his arms, and swirls him around making Alex squeal louder. “Are you excited about your 2nd birthday? If you say D…

Book Review - She Walks, She Leads by Gunjan Jain

"An apple tree cannot give oranges. Bring your authentic self to the situation, and don't ever be afraid to make mistakes. Go ahead and do what you feel is right and the rest will follow." - She Walks, She Leads

She Walks, She Leads - Women Who Inspire India, by Gunjan Jain
AuthorGunjan Jain
Genre Non-Fiction
Price Rs. 799 (Review copy received from author)
Pages 556 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Penguin Random House India
AvailabilityAmazon.inAmazon.comFlipkart (Available at great discounts)
Rating(5 Stars)

About The Author

Gunjan Jain is a first time author based out of Mumbai, India. Blessed with an affluent background, she worked hard to earn her degree in Finance & Economics (USA) and masters in wealth management (UK), among other wide array of degrees and achievements, to mark a distinct place for her. An avid reader of books, with an urge to do something larger in life, guided her on a quest to study and write about renowned women of India.
"Wealth.. is a…