Book Review - She Walks, She Leads by Gunjan Jain

"An apple tree cannot give oranges. Bring your authentic self to the situation, and don't ever be afraid to make mistakes. Go ahead and do what you feel is right and the rest will follow." - She Walks, She Leads
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She Walks, She Leads - Women Who Inspire India, by Gunjan Jain

Author Gunjan Jain
Genre Non-Fiction
Price Rs. 799 (Review copy received from author)
Pages 556 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Penguin Random House India
Availability Amazon.inAmazon.comFlipkart (Available at great discounts)
Rating  (5 Stars)

About The Author

Gunjan Jain is a first time author based out of Mumbai, India. Blessed with an affluent background, she worked hard to earn her degree in Finance & Economics (USA) and masters in wealth management (UK), among other wide array of degrees and achievements, to mark a distinct place for her. An avid reader of books, with an urge to do something larger in life, guided her on a quest to study and write about renowned women of India.

"Wealth.. is an instrument of opportunity, not indulgence." - Yasmeen Premji, She Walks, She Leads

Book Review

24 Indian women were skillfully shortlisted from a range of vocations – art, finance, legal, entertainment, fashion, sports and media, to make this never before written paradigm of successful Indian women, to inspire both men and women all over the world. The book profiles well-known Sudha Murty, Nita Ambani, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Indra Nooyi, Priyanka Chopra, Shabana Azmi, Ritu Kumar, Shobhana Bhartia, Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and 14 other women. She Walks, She Leads – Women Who Inspire India, is a result of Ms. Jain’s hard work, extensive research, numerous interviews, and rendezvous with people from different walks of life.

Straightaway I was impressed with the bold and bright cover of the book. And instantly, I turned the page to read more about Mrs. Sudha Murty first - the epitome of grace, intellect and empathy.  I have read a lot about her, and was happy that the book had more to add to my knowledge of her. All the other stories were unique and inspiring; another one that touched my heart was Mrs. Anu Aga’s – it was moving but an uplifting one. Through her story, she has imparted a new meaning of life and death. Thank you to Ms. Jain, for sharing this story of courage and strength.

What I like about the book, other than the distinct stories of all the women, is that every story is followed by an interview with their namely confidants and well-wishers. Much have been heard or read about these women in national and international news, but SWSL pens every aspect of their journey – childhood, family, inspiration, passion, vision and, what moves them to be so compassionate. This anthology of biographies is unlike any piece of article, or even an assortment of them, ever written about these women. We know these feelings are genuine and sincere, as they are coming straight from the source. Through this book we get an understanding of what, other than talent, makes them the best at their job and still hold their personal life together. How they manage work-life balance and still have enough time for philanthropic activities.

" who you are unapologetically." - She Walks, She Leads

The book includes some personal pictures of each woman and the landmark moments in their lives, which gives the book a personality, though I wish they were placed more aptly. There were plenty of praises in the book; it could have been balanced by supplementing it with insecurities and setbacks. But because it is based on facts, real people and real events, I understand the limitation. 

Final Thoughts

Gunjan Jain is a prolific writer, with her ingenious thinking and exhaustive research; she has not only managed to re-count stories of these women, but also dig deeper into their personalities and vision for the betterment of India and the world at large. I enjoyed her writing - it was resourceful, ardent and friendly, a great treasure to have on the shelf. Thank you Ms. Jain for sharing your book with me.     

Hope you enjoyed this review, until next time Happy Reading!

Love & Peace


  1. Congrats to Ms Gunjan Jain for penning such a beautiful book & for Ms Shruti Bhutani for inspiring some authors like me to read another fellow Author from East . Who says Indian Authors can not write in English , when it's not our mother tongue ?

  2. Nicely reviewed Shruti !! My boss was the part of the book launch. I think this book is a great read.

    1. Thank you, Sheetal. It's a well researched and well written book.

  3. Must be an absolutely wonderful book to command 5 stars! The theme of the book sounds great.

    1. It is. The author did a fab job of researching and interviewing each women, and their family and peers.


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