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When Love Finds You, by Yashodhara Lal

Book Review

This is a story of Natasha - the determined, unrelenting and uptight boss, who lives and breathes work. Best known for her extraordinary performance at work, she lacks at people’s skills, making her the ‘Boss from Hell’. Things shake up when at the time of her promotion; she is passed over for Rishabh, an arrogant peer whose work ethics and strategies are different to hers. The new dynamics at work, her friendship with Nikhil – a good looking and self-assured colleague, her intruding & annoying neighbor, and a haunting past, brings about a major change in Natasha’s life.

When Love Finds You is a pleasant love story, but majorly it is Natasha’s journey to seek answers to questions that had been haunting her all her life. This is her expedition to not only succeed at work, but also overcome her pent-up emotions, that made her so cold and distant. She continues to be oblivious to her inner mayhem, up until love finds her.

Her attraction towards Nikhil, a quiet and poised colleague, brings a commotion of nervousness and excitement in her life. This is also the part that brings freshness in the story. The character of Natasha opens up hereafter, and a new side of her comes to life, which then brings her face to face with everything that she had managed to keep at bay.  

The story also highlights the stigma attached to being a successful single female boss, and how they are suppressed at every crossroad. The numerous challenges they face in a corporate setup, as opposed to a male boss - who is considered a better fit for leadership roles. I like that the story, very briefly but rightly so, touches the subject of sexual harassment at work, which is incredibly happening more now than ever before. Natasha’s callous behavior towards others makes it difficult to like her initially, but this very resilience becomes the likable characteristic towards the end.  

The story is divided into 3 parts, and sadly, it doesn’t pick up until the third part. The first part seemed drawn-out; some of the characters had no such relevance to the whole story, and some segments felt repetitive. At first too many sales reviews (office talk) became monotonous, but the third part more than made up for it. I enjoyed how the author convincingly carried all the elements together in the end, with interesting and surprising developments.

Final Thoughts

When Love Finds You is interestingly a new and enjoyable story of a strong and focused female boss, who is cold and distant but still manages to crunch outstanding sales every quarter. The story picks up with the friendship of Natasha and Nikhil, which then brings some enjoyable twists and turns, making it hard to put down the book. Natasha’s journey to resolve her past issues, uncover her raw emotions, and her strength to face the situation at work is engaging. The story highlights the strong attributes and commitment of a female in every aspect of her life – making this a great book to read.

About The Author

Yashodhara Lal is an IIM-B graduate, having worked across various companies. She is a writer, fitness instructor, and a yoga and music enthusiast. She lives in Gurgaon, India, with her three children and husband. When Love Finds You is her fourth novel, with a children’s book in the making.

Genre Fiction, Romance
Price Rs. 175 (Review copy received as part of Flipkart Blogger Review Program)
Pages 304 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Harper Collins India
Availability Flipkart IN
Rating  (4 Stars)

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