Book Review - Skyfire by Aroon Raman

“In a country that is already one of the most unequal on the planet, the jhuggis (slums) of Delhi give a whole new meaning to the notion of inequality.” - Skyfire

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Skyfire, by Aroon Raman

Book Review

Set against the backdrop of Delhi, India – strange and unaccountable weather disturbances and consequential epidemics across some parts of the country, and disappearance of children and the likes from slums of the capital, has journalist Chandrasekhar, history professor Meenakshi and Intelligence operative Hassan, trailing the leads from abandoned factories, to rooms of Delhi’s elites, into top confidential government conventions, to racing to the remains in Bhutan, fighting against an unknown force of power and evil.

“In slums, no young child was totally an orphan.” - Skyfire

This is my first Aroon Raman book, and without a doubt not my last. You know an articulate writer, when his storytelling not only makes you believe in his story but also leaves a major impact on you. A mesh of inordinate theme, storyline and characters – Skyfire keeps you on the edge and thrills you with the mystery it promises to deliver. I had a book hangover after reading Skyfire. The book is written extremely well – with a story to tell in every line and on every page. I didn’t know much about the author or his work before this, Skyfire is a stand-alone sequel to The Shadow Throne. And I genuinely believe he is capable of winning awards for his writing. Being a fan of non-fiction, if an author can convincingly, with factual information and authentic characters, entertain me and give the same chills as a non-fiction would, you know it’s a great book to read.

The book is noteworthy and praiseworthy for its narration and plot. All the characters are well crafted, the storyline well contemplated, and the mystery so distinct and vivid, it leaves you in awe and excitement. It’s a seamless read, with thrilling suspense and great characters. I enjoyed the character of Chandra (Chandrasekhar), and the passion he holds for his profession of journalism – which is to tell the truth as is, and not run after appreciation and fame. But my personal favorite was Meenu (Meenakshi), with her investigative instinct that fast tracks the story at all the major junctures, bringing the whole mystery together to culmination. The relationship between Chandra and Meenu, is interestingly forced to the test of time and events, which brings a noticeable spark in the storyline.

“Comfort and joy in each other’s presence was gone; we were suddenly strangers, spiraling helplessly into a void where oblivion awaited us as surely as day follows night.” - Skyfire

The story subtly mentions environmental concerns and global warming that is hitting us hard at ground level. It also brings to surface how unprepared and poor our resources are as a nation, to deal with any calamity that has or may come rolling our way in the near future. The ground reality of how carelessly the cases of missing children, especially the orphans, are treated in our country - something to ponder and act on urgently. It also brings to light the potent power of humanity, which can both mark or destroy our presence on this planet.

“One country, but we might as well be multiple planets spinning in separate orbits.” - Skyfire

Final Thoughts

Skyfire by Aroon Raman - is a fast paced, edgy, and a contemplative mystery written around the concerns of environmental outbreaks, and a disaster waiting to happen in the hands of an unknown force of power and evil. With great storyline and characters, it lives up to the repute of a work of a best-selling author. For all those looking for a great mystery thriller, especially from an Indian author, I highly recommend this book to you. And I personally look forward to reading other mystery thrillers written by Aroon Raman.

About The Author

Aroon Raman is an Indian Entrepreneur and author. With a Masters in Economics from JNU, Delhi (India), and an MBA from Wharton School of UPenn, Philadelphia (USA); he has written 3 best-selling books - The Shadow Throne (2012), The Treasure of Kafur (2013), and now, Skyfire (2016), all in the same genre of Mystery Thriller. To read the prologue and the first chapter of Skyfire for free, you can visit Aroon Raman’s website.

Genre Fiction/ Thriller
Price Rs. 299 (Review copy received as part of Flipkart Blogger Review Program)
Pages 242 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Pan Macmillan India
Availability Flipkart IN
Rating  (5 Stars)

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