Book Review - Super Women by Prachi Garg

“Realize that right now is the best time!” – Super Women

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Super Women, by Prachi Garg

Book Review

Super Women is an assemblage of stories of twenty young & inspiring Indian women entrepreneurs; who went on to explore and build unfamiliar ventures in their respective niche with passion, dedication, hard work and strength. The author brings forth stories of these women and their enterprises from varied fields of – art & culture, support to acid attack victims, counseling, educating & encouraging the youth, skin care solutions, e-retail, eco friendly products, pet products, fashion, housing solutions, image consultancy, marketing and many more. These stories are that of courage, beliefs, failures, successes, and growth in building a business by a woman.

What I like the most about the book is that all twenty women and their businesses were carefully selected from a diverse range of disciplines - from social service to fashion, image consultancy to advertising, selling pet friendly products to traditional artifacts, all unique and untapped projects in the high selling competitive business world. Each business is unique, carrying with it great potential and an unrelenting leader. These are all young Indian women who are known to do odd jobs and eventually become a housewife, post marriage or kids. The idea is to bring forth their stories, is both brilliant and uplifting as a young Indian woman myself. They maybe Indian women, but women all over the world can relate to them, gain inspiration from, and set on their own true paths. The idea is to live a fulfilled life, maximizing our true potential, and helping others as best as we can. Super Women is a well-written and well-structured book; each story is pleasant and evokes interest. The author herself is an entrepreneur, so she delivers the stories with the right information and encouragement needed to make this book interesting as well as inspiring. 

Happy Hands, Create Love Not Scars, Your D.O.S.T., Style Fiesta, Pitaraa, Zivame, Tappu Ki Dukaan, Rustic Art, artist and illustrator Alicia Souza, MyDala, Perfect Life Spot, My Little Chatterbox, Imagenie, GrabHouse, Heads Up For Tails, ShubhPuja, Itisa, Dermatocare, Pink Lemonade and Think Creative Adsolutions are the startup ventures featured in this book.

“The most difficult person to impress is you, and once you have managed to accomplish that, nothing can put you down.” – Super Women

The book celebrates the success story as well as recognizes the risks involved in starting your own business from scratch. Every story is thorough; with how every individual thought and perseverance led to a successful business. The failures and setbacks faced by each of these women were different; yet largely fell on the same gender spectrum. Women highlight the many challenges of being self-employed and starting a business, in an already competitive market; and the constant zeal required to be more innovative and efficient in the services. If you have a vision and financial support, even without much business knowledge, administering a business is an achievable dream. "Never Give Up" attitude is part and parcel of a business, which each of these women accepted and practiced. We may not have heard of all these businesses or names before, but almost all of these establishments are famous and rapidly growing at full speed.

“Be enterprising and take the leap of faith. Be sincere, hardworking and ready to take failures in the same stride as success.” – Super Women

Final Thoughts

Twenty inspiring stories of Indian women entrepreneurs, commencing a business from scratch, in diverse fields is both unique and exciting. Each success story has a tale to tell. The book is well structured, balancing well the successes with the challenges. It's brief but impactful, as it focuses on the details that really matter, adding to the integrity of the book and it's theme. Overall it's a feel-good book, with a smiling woman on the cover and all the unique stories hidden inside the book.

About The Author

Prachi Garg is co-founder of and An alumna of Great Lakes Institute of Management, she is an entrepreneur, passionate writer and traveller. She has written 'Super Women', with another book in the making. She can be reached at her Facebook page or at her email address. 

Genre Non-fiction
Price Rs. 175 (Review copy received)
Pages 155 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Availability Amazon INFlipkart INAmazon US
Rating  (4 Stars)

Let me know your thoughts on the book or the subject. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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