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Book Review - Personal Branding by Dr Amit Nagpal and Prakash Hindustani

Personal Branding, Storytelling, and Beyond by Dr Amit Nagpal & Dr Prakash Hindustani

Book Review
With the increase in competition and the need to stand out in the crowd, it has become imperative to focus on establishing a lasting image on the target audience – a potential client, customer, employer, industry expert or even amongst peers. Personal branding has become an essential element in professional success and growth. And the key platform to build your individual brand these days is social media. It plays a big role in individual branding and promotional activities; and because it is easily accessible, with interactive interface and a global reach, it’s the best tool to get started with. This book on personal branding talks about the importance of building reputation in the global market, and an image around your name, service or ethics, whichever is most important to you or your business.
The book talks about all the social media platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook an…

Author Interview - Dr. Amit Nagpal (Indian Author) on Personal Branding

In the world of robust competition, the road to success lies in unique ideas, customer service, and marketing an exceptional brand experience, among other things. Dr. Amit Nagpal, an expert in the industry, speaks to us about his book on personal branding, and how we can exploit it to grow as professionals.
You are an Inspirational storyteller. Tell us more about yourself and your co-author Dr. Prakash Hindustani. And introduce your book ‘Personal branding, storytelling and beyond’ to the readers.
Marketer to Professor to Storyteller. Five words tell my entire life story. I am an Inspirational Storyteller & assist passionate entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs share stories (of themselves and their organizations) which inspire action, connect emotionally and build reputation. My special interest lies in storytelling on digital and social media for brand building.
Dr. Prakash Hindustani is a pioneer of Hindi web journalism. He was the founding editor of first Hindi language web portal - …