Book Review - Personal Branding by Dr Amit Nagpal and Prakash Hindustani

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Personal Branding, Storytelling, and Beyond
by Dr Amit Nagpal & Dr Prakash Hindustani

Book Review

With the increase in competition and the need to stand out in the crowd, it has become imperative to focus on establishing a lasting image on the target audience – a potential client, customer, employer, industry expert or even amongst peers. Personal branding has become an essential element in professional success and growth. And the key platform to build your individual brand these days is social media. It plays a big role in individual branding and promotional activities; and because it is easily accessible, with interactive interface and a global reach, it’s the best tool to get started with. This book on personal branding talks about the importance of building reputation in the global market, and an image around your name, service or ethics, whichever is most important to you or your business.

The book talks about all the social media platforms – Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook and more; introducing them to the readers and giving valuable tips on how to utilize them best for specific purposes.

The book caters to a large section of audience – doctors, consultants, CEOs, authors, bloggers, teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs – both young and experienced, looking for inexpensive routes for marketing and promotion. This book works best for someone new to social media or unfamiliar with it’s many practical features, someone looking for ways to promote their business or brand, or someone just interested in networking and interacting with experts.

The authors have categorically divided the book into sections, each chapter focusing on one thing, supporting it with relevant information and experienced advice. The book is highly interactive with infographics, bullets, relevant case studies, FAQs and easy to follow guidelines, making it an interesting and readable book. The book is specifically written keeping the Indian audience in mind, as it is a more practiced concept worldwide, however fairly recent amongst the Indian audience.

Final Thoughts

The book on personal branding and storytelling is something we can all benefit from, irrespective of our professional goals and personal objectives. With the information categorized into different segments, and each section delivering relevant information for individual professions and audience, makes the book engaging, helpful and easy to comprehend. A lot of the young professionals as well as those unfamiliar with the world of social media can benefit from this book. It is a well researched book, which goes beyond, with the experience of two professionals from media centric worlds.

About The Author

Dr Amit Nagpal is a marketer turner professor, an inspirational digital storyteller and author of 3 books. He is a Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services, and helps professionals around the world with narrating their unique stories, and guiding them to build a more effective brand for themselves.

Dr Prakash Hindustani is a renowned journalist, blogger and social media activist. With 30 years of experience, he is known to be a pioneer of Hindi web journalism across various platforms. He has been associated with the – The Times of India group.

Genre Non-Fiction
Price Rs. 285 (Review copy received)
Pages 215 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher Story Mirror

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