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Book vs Movie: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

The boy in the striped pyjamas is a story of two 9-year-old boys who move to Poland in the midst of the second world war, both under different circumstances.Bruno, son of a German commandment, moves to a new house called - 'Out-With' with his mother and sister, for his father’s outlandish job. While Shmuel, a Jewish boy from Poland is transported to a camp, being managed by Bruno’s father, separate from his family. Bruno is a self proclaimed explorer; on one of his adventures out the back of his new home, he is fascinated to find the camp where everyone (except the soldiers) gets to wear striped pyjamas all day long. The story begins when Bruno and Shmuel find each other on the opposite sides of the barbed wires; confused and eager, both the boys wind up spending their afternoons in each other’s company, and eventually find solace in their differences. Both their characters are admirable as they are unfamiliar with the war and it's repercussions on the humanity, and have i…